What is the Medifast Diet?

Medifast is a diet food company based out of Maryland. There are five subdivisions of this diet company around the United States; Jason Pharmaceuticals, Take Shape for Life, Inc., Jason Enterprises, LLC and Seven Crondall. The Medifast Company produces and sells weight management products in addition to disease management products around the world.

The original company was established by William Vitale in 1980. It was originally called Jason Pharmaceuticals. This company produces over eighty percent of all the products for this diet that are being sold today. It has plans to increase its sales in the upcoming years by approximately 250 million dollars US. The company itself and its many branches are run and operated on a daily basis by a management team of approximately seven people, one of which is a medical professional that ensures that all products are safe for consumers to use.

The diet product itself consists of portion controlled food that has been clinically proven to help both men and women lose weight quickly and effectively. The diet consists of individual meals that have already been prepared for a person to use. Some of the meals require you to mix water, milk or other products with the food before you can eat them. In the case of this diet there is very little preparation needed as most meals can go in the microwave to be heated or cooked quickly on the stove.

There is a variety of meals and foods available on this plan. You can get anything from stews and cereals to shakes and desserts. The diet plan is intended to replace your traditional meals and you would have to eat only what you were given on the plan. Some people find this very easy to follow as everything is given to them. However, there are others who find it difficult to stick to this because there is no room to change the foods if you want to do so.

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