The Cabbage Soup Diet And What It Is All About

The Cabbage Soup Diet is considered as a fad diet that is centered on the consumption of cabbage soup over the 7 day period of the diet, and is also known as the “Sacred Heart Hospital Diet” or the “Mayo Clinic Diet“. However, this is a diet that is mainly suitable for those who are keen on losing weight fast, and not for long term weight loss. It is also highly speculated that most of the weight lost is water loss. In other words, the weight that is lost is easily put back on once you get off the cabbage soup diet.

The key appeal of the Cabbage Soup Diet is that it is encouraged to consume as much cabbage soup as the individual wishes to. The main setback is that only water and cabbage soup is allowed on this diet, as well as some other foods such as fruits and vegetables. The Cabbage Soup Diet can be used as a quick fix or as a morale booster for individuals who are embarking on a diet or a weight loss plan for the first time.

When on the Cabbage Soup Diet, it is essential to stick to the diet and the meal plans without any divergence at all. A minimum consumption of 8 glasses of water a day is encouraged, and the diet should only last for 7 days, no more no less. The consumption of vitamins and other supplements is allowed. However, on many days of the 7 day diet, there is a lack of protein, calcium and essential fatty acids that the body needs.

The Cabbage Soup Diet has its fair share of critics as well. Due to the bland taste of the cabbage soup, the recipe for it usually includes higher than average sodium content. Also, by following strictly to the 7 day meal plan, there is insufficient protein which may result in spells of giddiness, headaches and a lack of concentration. Although dieters are allowed to consume as much cabbage soup as they desire, the bland taste of it has caused many to give up on the diet without following it through to the end. Flatulence is also an inconvenient and unpleasant side effect of the Cabbage Soup Diet.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is advisable only for those who wish to see fast weight loss, without regard for their medium to long term health and weight maintenance. Although cabbage provides low fat and high fiber, it does not meet all the nutritional value that the body needs, and can be counterproductive to weight loss or people who are keen on healthy diets. The Cabbage Soup Diet is supposed to burn the fat content in the body due to the high fiber nature of cabbage. Thus, the greater the amount of soup consumed, the greater the calories burned and hence the weight loss.

As with all fad diets, a balanced lifestyle and good exercise regime is important to keep the body fit and filled with energy. It should be used only for a special occasion that you wish to look good for, or as a first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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