Still Losing Weight in 2006?

The experts are saying that January is the WORST time of year to attempt a lifestyle change like losing weight because this time of year is anything but normal. I agree, so far it has been tough. But the experts also say that the only way you can fail at the weight-loss game is to quit. So what! The experts also say that chocolate is good for your teeth. (A study funded by a famous chocolate company no doubt). Well the positives are I am still packing my lunch. (Actually my fiancee’ packs it for me) However I still eat too much and I drink too much soda. I want to talk about the diet pill fad that is popular today. Not any specific brand but any of the pills that extol the virtues of you “eat what you want and this pill will extract the (fat, carbs, etc) from your body involuntarily and you will lose weight. Sounds like bulimia to me. Do we want to laud the virtues of eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we purge? People be careful! Just like any get rich quick scheme, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Also be aware of the long term effects of pills that don’t allow your body to absorb carbs(energy) or fat(good or bad) Remember omega3 fatty acids are beneficial for proper brain activity and healthy blood flow. The forced removal of fat and carbs has not been proven that the effect won’t be irreversable when you stop taking the pills(habit) or the opposite that when you stop taking the supplements the body loads up on carbs and fat to prevent the loss from happening again. The human body that God created is a wonder and we should, to the best of our ability, learn what makes it perform at its best and what makes it sick or non-funtional. The only way, or the best way to do that is to periodically fast to give yourself a chance to clean out physically and mentally. Get in touch with your higher power. They say that you have reduced brain function when you eat because your body uses your blood and energy to concentrate on digestion. I say to you that if you are always eating and digesting you can’t be thinking too clearly. Wow, I think I’ll use that this week as my mantra. This week I will try to go a whole day without any complex digesting. Please don’t do this without a doctor’s permission or if you are under 18, your parent’s permission. It is not dangerous. However it is empowering, and empowerment by not eating is the definition of Anorexia. I do not skip meals. One reason that I am fat is because I eat incessently. (see constantly or uncontrolably in the dictionary). Everyone’s weight problem is different. Lot’s of people who are obese, don’t eat enough! That is what the experts say. You are the only expert of your life and your body.(You and God) Everyone else are to be looked at as advisors only. Someone who can teach you something that will/can help you grow. Be careful not to use someone else’s success as your springboard to weight bounding. At times we are all emotional Tigger’s bouncing all around without any apparent rhyme or reason. You eat what you know is best. You move as much as you can stand, then move a little more. But the most important thing is for you to live your life to the fullest. It is the only life you have right now. You do your best and God will do the rest. Live life. Be happy. You are not a fat person, or a thin person. You are a person, with a lot of physical and emotional qualities, good and bad.
One more thing I’ve learned this year.


For the last 30 years I was a fat man or a heavy guy, you name it. A couple of years ago I grew a beard. Now people call me the guy with the beard. Take small steps to lve your life to the fullest. You deserve it. God says it. I say it. You say it too.

Have a great week!’


Alan “Bud” Speaker Jr. Is a humorist, philosopher life observer and all around “round guy”. Bud is not an expert on anything except his life and the life of those he loves. He just loves alot of people. You can write to Bud at

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