Should You Stop Searching For the Easy Way to Lose Weight?

We would all like to be fit, trim and beautiful. Who wouldn’t? We see the models in the magazines. We see the movie stars with the perfect bodies and the perfect looks.

And we would like to look like that. Not tomorrow, but right now. That is normal enough.

The desire for quick weight loss is so common that it fuels a huge “weight loss” industry that preys on the overweight. It doesn’t service them, it preys on them.

Each new season comes with another fad diet, one promising easy weight loss, with a new diet, a new kind of food combination, a new twist. They promise you that all you have to do is follow their new gimmick and you will have the body you see in the advertisement. You skip the carbs and the fat melts off. Pour on the oil and you will be skinny.

That is supposed to be the easy way to lose weight. Everybody is talking about it. So it must be true, right? You see the ads, you see the before and after pictures, and you hear the testimonials on television. So you believe it. You want to believe it.

Well, sad to tell you, but it doesn’t work that way. The fad diets do not do what they promise, and the people that are putting out these products know it.

Atkins is one of the latest fads. It is a longer lasting fad than most, and it is hugely profitable for the corporation that is promoting it, but it is a fad nonetheless. It simply doesn’t work. Sure, you can lose some weight quickly at first, mostly water weight. And you can lose some fat too.

But you will not get to your goal weight with Atkins, you will not keep the weight off with Atkins, you will not be able to stick to the program, and you will be like the vast majority of people who start it-you will gain back the weight you lost and more. This has been shown by everyone that ever studied it, from the New England Journal of Medicine to Consumer Reports Magazine.

The same for the South Beach Diet. The South Beach is glamorous. It has glamorous recipes from glamorous restaurants. But it is another fad diet that you will not be able to stick with.

There are others. The Sonoma diet is one of the latest, a huge new diet pushed by a huge corporation through its magazines and TV shows.

The whole point is this: these “diets” promise what they cannot deliver. They are very difficult to follow for a long period of time. So you do lose some weight at first, which you will with almost any diet. Then you cheat, you fall off the diet, you fail again, and you gain all the weight back.

See, they haven’t shown you what to do in the long run: How to eat what is right for you, forever. What exercise you can do, that you will do, that doesn’t leave you feeling like a wreck. What minerals and supplements you need. What about sleep and water. What about hormones and your thyroid.

These are all things that you need to know about. You are not trying to lose weight for this year, or this summer, or just to fit into a new dress, or just to look good at the beach. You need to lose weight now and forever, to live the rest of your life lean and healthy and active the way you were meant to be. You were not meant to be trapped suffering under layers of fat.

So what is the easy way to weight loss? Is it the promises of quick, easy weight loss that leave you overweight and depressed? No. It is a real program that teaches you everything you need to know, the hows and the whys, so you can take the weight off and keep it off forever.

Every other way is the hard way to weight loss. It is hard to be fat. The easy way is doing what works, whatever it takes. When you learn that you will finally be on the road to having the body you have always wanted.

Are You Tired Of Being Fat?

Dan Curtis, M.D. is an author, lecturer, and university professor. For more help with your weight loss visit: How many calories do you need to lose weight?

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