Discover the Truth About Fad Diets and the Jawdropping Health Concerns They Cause

Fad diets are abundant, and my clients have consulted me frequently about their effectiveness, and are finding out that they are harmful for you because you needs extra calories and carbohydrates to fuel your muscles. These fad diets in general are not a healthy way of losing extra weight, and are just that, fads.

Eating should be something you look forward to, if your “diet” prohibits enjoyment it’s a “fad diet“. These harmful diets take a profound toll on your body that you will forfeit later in your lifetime. Eating a lifestyle high in saturated fat raises your blood cholesterol levels and increases risk your risk for heart disease. Eating too many carbohydrates causes production of excessive amounts of your insulin, leading to obesity and a variety of other health problems. Drastically decreasing dietary intake of carbohydrates forces your body to burn reserves of stored fat for energy, a condition known as ketosis, which leads to decreased hunger and a metabolic advantage.

Temporary diets also do not offer any long term weight-loss formula. They are often only a quick fix or a temporary plan. Fad diets are generally used by consumers to shed a great amount of weight in a short period of time, and are bad in a variety of ways. They are popular because many of them do work for a short time. Fad diets are the not the answer, however I will tell you exactly what the free secret to losing weight fast, for good, is below!

Truth be told, these fast temporary diets are nonsensical, idiotic and at worst a waste of time and damaging to your body. They are designed to help people lose weight fast for a while and usually not in a healthy way. They are temporary solutions to your weight problems, however all is not lost!

I recently discovered a safe and amazingly effective way to lose 11 pounds every 10 days over and over! I couldn’t believe how simple and fast it was to do!

Information such as the secret foods that keep your metabolism burning like a race engine 24 hours a day, what to eat to BLOCK fat storage, and more…for FREE!

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