Benefits of PABA Para-Amino Benzoic-Acid

PABA is classified as a micronutrient and an antioxidant. The nutrient basically mops up free radicals otherwise known as “loose electrons” that cause cellular damage that is mentioned in the theories of aging. PABA helps the body form erythrocytes (red blood cells). Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body.

PABA also helps to improve the body’s use of protein, and helps to make folic acid. The nutrient breaks down protein and maintains intestinal flora. The nutrient is best used with vitamin C and the group B vitamins, as well as folic acid.

PABA can be found in such foods as liver, molasses, whole grains, mushrooms and spinach. It is also sometimes made by intestinal bacteria. A diet that includes these things will normally prevent a deficiency.

Benefits of PABA

There are some benefits to taking PABA. The nutrient may reduce fatigue and limit the effects of depression. It may also help in the reduction of the inflammatory effects of Osteoarthritis. PABA could reduce the onset of wrinkles as we age and smooth out the skin. The nutrient may restore the original hair color to some who have gone gray. It is possible that supplementation with PABA may actually correct a deficiency. It also helps with hair growth and improves the pigmentation (color or lack of color) in the skin.

PABA Deficiency

There is a possibility one could experience a deficiency in PABA. Some signs of a deficiency maybe depression, fatigue, irritability, nervousness, and constipation. It could also be indicated by weeping eczema and/or patchy skin.

Research is a bit contradictory at the moment because some reports state that PABA has no known toxicity problems, where as others report some issues. Sunscreens that have a SPF over 8 may reduce the body’s ability to make Vitamin D. Signs of toxicity include skin rashes, nausea, and vomiting. Excessive levels could lead to liver damage.

Many people take paba as part of their nutritional plan, however, we suggest that you take paba as a more comprehensive formula rather than as a stand alone supplement product.

Just because a nutrient is supposed to be good for you, it does not mean it will have an therapeutic benefits if taking alone. Many nutrients need other nutrients to work to their true potential.

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