Treatment of Wart – Part 2

In my battle to remove a wart that has been growing now for over a year I have used salicylic acid and hydrogen peroxide, however, after the wart seemed to diminish I slowed my attempts to continue its demise and found myself with a wart that has emerged stronger than ever.

My hydrogen peroxide therapy in a strong dose of 35% food grade went well until I started to apply the treatment every other day and then every third day. This was not enough for the wart and it started to grow back to a larger size again.

I decided to quit the home remedies and headed for the doctor who would surely have a quick fix for the problem. He stated that freezing the wart would provide a quick reduction but one treatment would not totally kill the wart and I would need to come back for recurring monthly visits which would mean at least 3 treatments. He told me in the mean time I could use the duct tape method to get rid of the wart without having to see him and I would probably be rid of it within two months.

I happily trudged home, cut out a small square of tape and applied it over my wart knowing that in a few days this thing would surely look wilted and start to go away. I did wonder how this could happen. The theory on the duct tape method is that the tape causes your skin in that area to be irritated and red which in turn causes the body to send its immune system in force to help heal the area and remove the problem. When the little army of antibodies get there it will find the wart virus and readily attack it and the wart will be no more.

After a few days I removed the tape, soaked the area in warm water and scrubbed lightly with a pumice stone. This was easy because I did not have to remember to treat the wart all the time. Every few days when I was in the shower I could remove the duct tape and let the wart soak in the warm water, scrub, dry it off and then put a little tape back over it. The doctor did say this could take a month or two to completely remove the wart, but I should start to see progress after a short amount of time. After three weeks my wart has become quite a bit smaller and the stone was helping remove the dead areas. This duct tape did seem to work to remove a wart.

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