Tanning Bed Tips To Protect Your Skin

Let’s face it, tanning can be addictive. It can make you feel young, healthy, vibrant – even thin. And in the cold and darkness of long winter months, it can instantly lift your spirits and physically rejuvenate you. But tanning beds – like the sun – can be dangerous for your skin, resulting in everything from early aging to skin cancer. The key to using tanning beds safely is using them responsibly. So, it’s best to follow a few tanning bed tips for a successful – and healthy – outcome.

First and foremost, it’s important to know your skin. It is a common misconception that those who don’t tan well in natural sunlight are suddenly able to achieve the perfect tan in a tanning salon. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are fair skinned and have a tendency to burn then you will more than likely burn in a tanning bed. So, one of the most important tanning bed tips to remember is that if you burn easily you should avoid tanning beds completely.

If you have darker skin or are more apt to tan in natural sunlight then tanning beds are far less dangerous for you. If you choose to tan then be sure to remember one of the more significant tanning bed tips – use protective lotion. There are quite a number of protective lotions designed for specific skin types and available at most tanning salons. Find the lotion that works best for your particular skin and use it each and every time you tan.

Another of the tanning bed tips that will help protect your skin is to tan in moderation. If you do visit a tanning salon then do so with minimal frequency and time of exposure. Overexposure – both in frequency and time spent in the bed – will not only increase your exposure to dangerous UV rays but will achieve that “too tanned” look that can be very unattractive.

One of the more forgotten tanning bed tips is the necessity of protective eyewear. Just as you would not look directly as the sun, neither should you expose your eyes to the UV rays in tanning beds. All tanning salons will offer some type of protective covering for your eyes for use during tanning. Be sure to use this eyewear each and every time.

Tanning responsibly and following these tanning bed tips will ensure healthy skin for a lifetime.

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