Revitalize Your Skin And Improve Your Circulation


Last year we moved from the beach to the hills.

It was a big change for us – from the sound of the surf lulling us to sleep each night to an environment of ‘absolute’ silence in the forest.

Of course we brought all our lovely plants with us – they are like children to Katy and I.

We give them loving care – ensuring that their roots are in the best possible soil with adequate pure water and that their leaves are misted on a regular basis.

However, after having been in the hills for a month or so we noticed that the plants were doing much better ‘up here’ than they were ‘down there.’

It wasn’t that we were taking better care of them or doing anything much different – but it was obvious – even dainty ferns that had been struggling for a long time made a come back and looked luscious.

It was Katy that finally twigged the change and cause – it was the air.

The plants loved the fresh air, and…they didn’t miss the salt that had undoubtedly been deposited on their leaves at the beach.

Our own skin is quite similar and responds in like kind through the act of skin brushing.

A daily skin and air brush in the early morning – before your shower – will refresh, tone-up and improve the circulation.

Get in the habit of revitalizing your skin.

Remember, the skin breathes and likes its pores clean, fresh and open.

All the best for your health and happiness,


Kevin Hinton is a renowned Natural Health Educator & Advocator who has assisted a broad range of people to reinvigorate their lives through common-sense Natural Health practices.

He is a trusted advisor to many in the corporate world in Australia and North America who recognize the life-improving value of Natural Health habits.

His experience in the field reveals that adopting practical Natural Health habits usually helps drive success in other areas of life.

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