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Do you remember the day when sunbathing was the thing to do in the summer? People have looked at pale people and thought them unhealthy. In the past, if laying out in the yard is inconvenient, individuals actually buy sun lamps or pay to use a tanning bed. In fact, some beauty salons still have the devices to give you a tan-quick and easy. Unfortunately, you may still subject you body to an overabundant amount of UV rays and hurt yourself. Thankfully, you can heal your sunburn with tamanu oil.

The source of tamanu oil only grows in the tropics, so you may not be aware of its magnificent healing powers. Nevertheless, many individuals have experienced relief and quick healing from the pain and misery of sunburn. The people in Southeast Asia have extracted and used this miracle cure for anything from dry skin to severe burns.

The fruit from the tamanu tree has little black kernels in the center. Bi-annually, after the fruit is harvested, the kernels are laid out to dry in the sun for approximately two months. When the process is complete, the seeds are covered with sticky rich oil ready for extraction. At the end of the year, a single tree only yields enough fruit to extract 5 kilograms of the true miracle for your skin.

The topical healing agent can then be diluted or applied directly to the skin. Although it has been known to heal even severe third degree burns, and will heal sunburn faster than any current remedies on the market, you will still need to follow the directions.

First, it is only topical oil and must not be ingested. Second, if you are allergic to nuts, tamanu oil is not for you. Third, just because it can heal your sunburn and ease the discomfort better than anything you have ever tried before, it does not mean you can continue to treat your skin with blatant disregard. Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer.

However, if you accidentally stay out in the sun to long, forget to take your sunscreen to the beach, or lose track of time while working in the garden and get burned, you can immediately feel the soothing healing of tamanu oil.

Immediately after application, the oil helps relieve the discomfort of sunburn. Although you need to follow the directions and apply the agent at regular intervals, it already starts to heal your burn with the very first drop.

You see, tamanu oil promotes the formation of new tissue growth, essentially speeding up the healing process. You can actually watch your skin get better. As new healthy cells are formed, the old burned and dead cells are shed. The layers of your skin continue to peel away until only a well epidermis is visible.

In short, you already know dangers the sun poses to your skin. However, despite your best efforts to the contrary, you will probably suffer painful sunburn at one time or another. Instead of buying over-the-counter remedies that only relieve the discomfort for short periods of time, get some tamanu oil and experience accelerate real healing.

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