Getting Rid of Cold Sores – Is it Possible?

They show up when you least expect it, and when they are not present they are like a ticking time bomb that is just waiting below the surface to erupt into an embarrassing cold sore that marks your face and causes embarrassment. Sure, they are not permanent, except in extreme cases, but if you are suffering from cold sores on the lips or face then at times it feels like they will never go away. Ask and medical doctor and they will tell you that there is really nothing that can be done about it, that getting rid of cold sores is not really an option. Why is it that they make that bold claim?

Cold sores are not a disease in themselves in the same way that a fever is not a disease, it is an outward sign of another problem. Cold sores are an outward sign that you have the herpes simplex virus. Of course there are other reasons why you might be suffering from cold sores but they are much more rare than herpes. It is estimated that over 80% of the population suffers from the herpes simplex virus, but only a few of that number will ever have a cold sore outbreak. So now that you know what is causing the problem, what can be done to help it? Is getting rid of cold sores possible?

There are some over the counter creams that claim to reduce the life span of a cold sore outbreak. This really doesn’t attack the virus, it just helps to remove the cold sores that are on your face. Of course there is always the possibility of another outbreak and these creams carry some possible side effects, as do most clinical treatments. There are also drugs that you can get from your doctor but these also only really help the cold sores and not the virus and there are side effects to these drugs as well.

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