Caring For The Skin – How to Look Irresistible at 30

Aging, carrier take-offs and downfalls, and even pregnancy can cause changes in face skin color and also might have an effect on feelings. It might happen that you notice little crows-feet around your eyes and mouth, pale skin and even acne.

Caring for the skin: crows-feet around eyes

Skin around eyes is most thin and sensitive. Compared to plane face moisturizers that retain moisture and elasticity, face-creams for the skin around eyes contain active ingredients and preservatives in less quantity, that’s why they have more delicate effect.

When choosing cream, make sure in contains such main ingredients as sun blocking filter and antioxidants. If you need additional support, look for certain ingredients, such as caffeine and magnolia extract which reduces swells; Echinacea that calms the skin, or vitamin K which reduces dark circles around eyes.

Caring slows skin aging. Below are simple recommendations for anti-aging skin caring:

1. Don’t forget about peeling. When you are over thirty, skin replacement slows down and that leads to pale skin and color of you face skin might not be even. To fight this problem do regular peeling with subsequent moisturizing.

2. Take vitamins. Even single multivitamin complex provides your system with most of the needed vitamins and minerals. Doctors also recommend calcium food supplements.

3. Exercise. Weight lifting tonic your bones and muscles.

4. Drink more water. This is the simplest rule for skin care. Water helps to remove toxins from your system and keeps your skin clean and also strengthens your immune system.

5. Avoid using intensive chemical cosmetic means. Natural remedies are an optimal solution. Use organic remedies for skin care (whether homemade or mass production ) – the are quite effective against aging.

6. Keep cosmetics clean. Regularly change sponges and other materials for cosmetics – average time of use for cosmetics is 6 to 12 months. Don’t buy too expensive items, which would be sorry to throw away.

7. Protect your skin against sun. Use sun blocking cream and avoid being in the open sun from 10a.m. to 2 p.m.

8. Don’t smoke! Skin is just one of your organs, though large, and it requires sufficient blood circulation. Smoking affects normal blood circulation. That’s why skin of smokers is pale and limp. Instead of oxygen reach blood it receives toxins and oxidants.

Healthy beautiful skin is natural for young girls, but when you are thirty, you need to make some effort to preserve skin. Some attention, persistence and efforts – and you achieve success. Results are clearly worth it. Live fulfilling life and care for your skin.

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