Aromatherapy Carrier Oils And Massage

Aromatherapy carrier oils or base oils are the oils used as the base for our everyday uses for massage and aromatherapy. Some oils used as cold processed oils are;

o Sweet Almond

o Organic Jojoba

o Apricot Kernel Oil

Some other varieties are;

o Organic Rosehip Seed

o Grape Seed

o Organic Sesame Seed

o Hazelnut

o Sunflower

o Avocado

These carrier oils are used to dilute the ingredients for aromatherapy and massage. Creams and lotions can also serve as a carrier. Many oils and lotions contain ingredients that are helpful to our skin and penetrate naturally to be effective for benefit. They are also used to fight the signs of aging.

These aromatherapy carrier oils used with the ingredients of aromatherapy provide a lubricant for massage and allow the hands to move over the body smoothly to provide the best experience of massage. This coupled with the massage therapy itself can be very beneficial to our body and our mind for relaxation and reduction of stress.

The aromatherapy products such as bath oils, candles, air fresheners and other products all use a carrier base as a base mix whether it is an aromatherapy carrier oil or lotion type base. These bases also have vitamins, minerals and acids that are very good for our bodies and skin.

Some Reactions

If you have allergies to certain ingredients such as seeds, nuts and fruits then you will want to pay close attention to all the ingredients used for aromatherapy and products base ingredients. Some allergies can be life threatening to some people. Since you are trying to get benefits from aromatherapy and aromatherapy carrier oils you don’t want to subject yourself to a possible severe allergic reaction. You are trying to reduce stress and provide your body with benefit and nice things.

Allergic reactions aromatherapy carrier oils and other oils used can be a simple skin rash or reaction but that too can be irritating when you are trying to relax. If you put this product in your bath your entire body will be a risk of being extremely irritated and you will be miserable and most likely not be able to sleep.

Sometimes you can have an allergy medication available to you if your allergies are not too severe and an allergy medication may be all you need to relieve any discomfort. Some allergies are much more severe and may require a visit to the emergency room to have medical attention administered. While being able to relax and reduce stress is important in today’s time it is also important to pay attention to all the things that we put into our bodies. For those of us who do suffer from allergies there are many ways to enjoy aromatherapy.

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