Angular Cheilitis – All You Need To Know


You have cracks at the corners of your mouth. They are painful and itchy, bringing you discomfort when eating or speaking. You may be having angular cheilitis.

Describe Angular Cheilitis

Angular cheilitis is among the many skin problems that are chronic. The mouth is dotted by inflamed bilateral lesions that are painful at the corners. It can either be Staphylococcal (bacterial) or Candidal (fungal) infections that are characterized by shallow crusts and bleeding ulcers at its most severe.

Angular Cheilitis Causes

Infections Both Bacterial and Fungal) – Angular cheilitis are worsened and caused by pathogens that are Staphylococcal (bacterial or viral) or Candidiasis (fungal or yeast) by nature.

Deficiency in Nutrients – Angular cheilitis is often initially caused by nutritional deficiencies such as defiency in Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin), B-3 (Niacin), B-6 (Pyridoxine), or B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) and iron deficiency anemia.

Improper Closure of the Mouth – Angular cheilitis is also caused by dentures that don’t fit properly. Improperly fitting dentures cause folds and friction that eventually lead to angular cheilitis. This is basically because the denture causes improper closure of the mouth. Saliva builds up at the mouth’s corners and pathogens grow in this environment. Another cause of angular cheilitis is the over-closure of the mouth in the elderly. This is caused by the loss of vertical dimension from the loss of teeth.

Low Temperature – During winter time, less severe manifestations of angular cheilitis normally occur. This is most prevalent among teenagers and young children.

Who is at Risk?

Though more common among the elderly, angular cheilitis affects anybody from every age group. Also vulnerable are people suffering from allergies and skin conditions such as seborrhoiec and atopic dermatitis, as well as people using isotretinoin as treatment for acne. A weakened immune system, malnutrition, and an unhealthy diet increases susceptibility.

Treatments On hand

Angular cheilitis is treatable. For mild cases, applying paraffin-based ointment or lip balm for protection and keeping a healthy diet and good hygiene should suffice. For worse conditions, prescription from a physician is required.Prescription from a doctor is required for advanced conditions. Antifungals in topical form like Nystatin, Econazole, and Clotrimazole may be prescribed by your dermatologist.

Angular cheilitis may not be a serious and deadly problem, but it still requires a lot of attention as it subjects the sufferer to emotional alienation. Simple things like kissing, eating, and speaking become difficult.

Don’t just sit back if you are suffering from angular cheilitis. Try to make it better.

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