Women’s Lingerie – Yesterday And Today

Every woman or man buys at least once in a lifetime a piece of lingerie. No matter if that piece is a bra, a bikini, a sexy night gown, and a new pair of briefs or panties, sometimes we buy it for ourselves sometimes we buy it for others. If nowadays it might take one longer to decide what color, what material, what imprint, what brand or what size to buy, and we talk about buying it without being shy, in the beginning the lingerie was a taboo subject.

If in the beginning it was meant to cover intimate parts of the body, support the bust and not to be shown, nowadays there are pieces of lingerie like the corset or the bustier that are worn as tops. Also having a see through blouse that lets others see your bra is not a big deal anymore. Today’s lingerie is created to be comfortable, to make one feel sexy, and why not to spice up one’s intimate life. The materials considered sexy are the satin, the nylon, the chiffon, but also the latex or the leather. This does not mean that the cotton panties or bras cannot be sexy, but they are usually chosen for the high level of comfort they offer.

Reasons that some people are attracted to vintage clothing include:

o Unique or almost unique: some items were custom made, and many were manufactured in small quantities.

o Good quality: they were designed to be worn for years and passed on to other family members, so they were made of robust materials, well cut and well made, with generous seam allowances and hems which allow for alterations and custom fit.

o Fine materials: many of the unusual older fabric types are no longer manufactured, or are now prohibitively expensive.

o Value for money: garments generally sell for a cost far below similar new modern garments.

o History: an appreciation of the past, the roles of previous generations and the skills of respected designers.

o Detailing: hand finishing, unusual buttons, hand embroidery, handmade lace, crochet, appliqué, beading and other techniques.

o Style: vintage clothing has traditionally been the favorite of creative personalities because it offers an enormously wide range of imaginative styles.

o Investment: some people buy to collect rather than to wear, and increasingly, good quality vintage garments especially items by well-known designers are sought after by collectors.

Buying women’s lingerie nowadays can be done online or in the store and it can be transformed into a prelude for a sexy evening even before the new lingerie gets to be worn. You can sit in front of the computer with your lover and try to select the best outfit he would like you see you wear. Or you can buy it by yourself and surprise him in your new baby doll outfit made from see through materials and which is held together by a little lace.

We can now talk about all these things and little sexy scenarios without them being taboo subject. Almost any women’s magazine has articles about lingerie, being and feeling sexy, and we take them as an everyday thing. However this was not possible a hundred and more years ago when the underwear had long sleeves and long pants or it was at least at the knee level. Back then the swimwear wasn’t showing much skin. Things have changed dramatically and there are so many big brands like Wacoal, Warner’s, Victoria’s Secret, Felina, Vanity Fair, Frederick’s of Hollywood or Playtex that the competition is tighter and tighter.

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