Why Garter Belts and Stockings?

What are garter belts anyway and what function do they have? In case you do not know what stockings are (hard to believe, though), here it is: A stocking, sometimes referred to as hose, is a close-fitting, elastic garment covering the foot and most part of the leg.

They come in a variety of materials and colours, such as nylon, wool, silk and cotton. Stocking refers to hosiery for women, configured as two pieces, one for each leg. In some countries the term can also be a synonym for pantyhose (stockings with panties attached to it, all in one piece). Hold-ups and thigh highs are terms which refer to stockings that stay up on their own, but since we are talking about garter belts (suspender belts in Europe), we leave those alone for now.

Garter belts are worn around your waist and come in a variety of outfits, with four or more adjustable straps to hold up the stockings. Because of that paying attention to your waist size is very important. Also, many garter belts have straps that are too long to properly support stockings, unless you are 5’8″ or more. Make sure the straps are adjustable and fit your size. Some advice at this point: chose metal clips over the cheaper plastic clips, they simply last longer. The number of straps can also be of importance. It all depends on what stockings you are wearing: Stretch stockings usually require only a garter belt with four straps to keep them in place, stockings made from non-stretch material (like nylon) on the other hand require at least six straps to keep them in place. And if you are on the rather large or heavy side, you definitely want to chose 6 or more straps. If you prefer the comfort of wearing your stockings very high, get a garment which has short or even very short straps.

At this point here is some terminology: Garter belts – Self explanatory. Garter panties – Panties usually made of stretch fabric which has garter straps or garter clips attached to hold up stockings without the need for a garter belt, girdle or corset. Girdle – These are stretch garments which control the mid-section, and hold stockings up high and tight.They come in open bottom and panties styles. They are a step above a garter belt and are worn to give you more support or control in your midsection. A garment that is larger than a garter belt and smaller than a girdle is called Girdlette. The top most portion of the stocking where the garter clips attach is called welt. This portion should always be reinforced, and is sometimes folded over and sewn onto itself.

What can you wear with your garter belts and stockings? Well, almost anything goes: panties (or not), a bra, a bustier, a corset or anything else you like.

Now, since you know what they are, how in the world do you put them on, and are they not highly uncomfortable?

Well, here is how to put them on (at least one method): Put on your panties (thongs, boy shorts, whatever you prefer), put the garter belt on and arrange the straps to the back and front (and to the sides, if you have more than 4 straps). For a secure fit, adjust the length of the straps, if necessary. Open each of the clips, push the backside of the clip upward, toward the elastic garter, then pull the back away from the front of the clip. Now put the stocking gently onto your leg. Be extra careful if you are wearing fully fashioned nylon stockings. Clip the front straps onto your stocking by pressing the round protrusion into the fabric and gently pulling in an upward direction to lock the garter clip into place on your stockings. Reach between your legs and grab the back garter strap with one hand. Use your other hand to hold the stocking into place. Clip the back strap onto the stocking. Repeat for the other leg, then straighten out your stockings. If you are wearing seamed stockings, make sure your seams are straight.

Some useful tips: Depending on how delicate your stockings are, you might want to use gloves, so you will not ruin them. Try to clip on the back ones first so you can position and adjust the fronts a bit easier.

Do not put the back strap at the 6 o’clock position. It should be more like at the 4 or 5 o’clock position on your right thigh, and on the 7 or 8 o’clock position on your left thigh. Otherwise you might get uncomfortable having to sit on the back straps.

By now you are probably asking yourself: Is wearing garter belts and stockings not very uncomfortable? Well, after doing some research, most women (surprise, surprise) will not go back to wearing pantyhose, once they mastered wearing garter belts and stockings. Many believe it is one of the best pieces of lingerie they have worn in a long time! They feel more free and happy in a way, that can only be compared to the feeling they felt when they finally bought this real quality bra in their correct size for the very first time. Let alone the feeling of sexiness it can give you. Be cautious, though: It could well be the start of a new lingerie addiction for you.

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