Tips For Buying the Right Lingerie Color

When it comes to purchasing lingerie, some women have difficulties in finding their best color. In fact, there are some important tips you need to keep in mind to get the lingerie with a color that flatters.

Be sure to take your skin color into consideration. If you have pale china doll kind of skin, stick to light pastel colors that go well with your eyes or hair. Women with olive colored or fairly tanned skin, darker colors that match your hair or eye color are good choices. If you have really dark skin, go for pastel or powdery colors that will make you look stunning.

Pick lingerie that looks great with your hair color. It is suggested that women with blond hair choose intimate apparel pieces in colors like light blue, pink and purple. For women who have darker hair, deep colors such as dark red, blue and purple will help you get the best results.

Remember to take your eye color into account. Wearing lingerie that looks fabulous with the color of your eyes can have a huge influence on your overall sexiness. It is wise for women who have blue eyes to select lingerie crafted in blue or purple. If you have green eyes, buy lingerie in any color of green that emphasize the color of your eyes. For women who have darker eyes, intimate apparel in brown should be the ideal choices. Women have hazel eyes have more choices since lingerie in any color will compliment the color of their eyes.

You will find the lingerie color that looks perfect on you by following the tips above.

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