The Secret to Enhancing Your Bust Size Instantly


Padded Bra:

This bra style has padding inside the cups and is particularly useful to add volume to women with small breasts. It also proves useful for plus size women as it offers additional support for the breasts. The padding in these bras takes the shape of the cup and enhances the cup size. The cotton pad forms inserted into the cups add a remarkable amount of volume to the breasts and lift to the cleavage. They add up to 1 cup size to the breasts and offer support and lift, which helps reduce sagging.

The padding in padded bras contains water and other synthetic materials. Some of the common inserts include gel, water and silicon. The pads are either directly sewn into the cups or can be detachable and removable according to preference. There are even stand alone pad inserts that women can buy for bras without built in pads. Overall, these undergarments can instantly provide results and almost double a woman’s bust line.

Latest Innovations:

Over time, there have been many innovations in this bra style. The undergarment offers overall breast enhancement, which is very natural looking. The cotton padded forms in the cups have now been replaced by liquid filled forms which include fiberfill, gel, water or silicon. These innovations offer a choice of inserts, which vary in size and allow the wearer to decide how much lift and volume they wish to add.

Since padded bras are filled with liquid and not cotton, they look very natural, giving a realistic impression and not a fake one. Recent innovation also ensures that the design allows the skin to breathe better. These bras have perforations in the padding, which allows it dry a lot quicker. The bra fully enhances the breasts and offers the wearer proper comfort and support.

A Wide Variety:

These sensuous intimates come in a wide variety of designs and styles, including push up, shelf, demi and many more. In addition to design and style, these undergarments are available in different colors, fabrics and price ranges. This allows ladies to pick a style, which best suits their body structure and their look thereafter.

The lingerie market today is flooded with a variety of options to choose from. All you need to do is research the market, shortlist and buy whatever suits you best. Shopping online would be a great option as online lingerie outlets are known to have the widest range of sensuous innerwear for women.

The padded bra is an ideal option for women with small breasts. It provides comfort and the right amount of support, in addition to providing natural and fuller looking breasts. Petite women across the world are using this style and have noticed the difference in their bust line. It is no surprise to see such an elevation in sales with regards to this bra style.

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