The Hottest Piece of Lingerie to Guys

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the corset, it’s not a bustier, thongs are a close second but they to fall short of securing the first place spot. The hottest piece of lingerie to guys is: the babydoll!

That’s right! The babydoll reigns supreme! A babydoll is the ultimate lingerie item because it’s a little bit more elegant and exotic the most other pieces of lingerie and it’s revealing yet not too revealing and it’s classy, but wait, there’s more. There are many types of baby dolls that are popular.

Depending on what type of gent you are with, you can enhance things by picking the better babydoll (don’t worry if you can’t find the exact kind of babydoll because any babydoll on its own is more than enough to drives us wild!). If your guy likes a bad girl, a leather babydoll may suit the situation best however, if you believe he enjoys elegance more so than not, a satin or lace babydoll may be the best piece of sexy lingerie for the evening.

Now all guy feelings aside, whether you’re wearing a babydoll made of leather lace or macaroni, the biggest turn on to any guy is whether you’re comfortable and confident while wearing it. There’s nothing that makes a piece of lingerie such as a babydoll hotter than a confident, sexy woman who’s proud to show it off.

Odds are you’re already a confident woman because very few non-confident women buy lingerie. And a babydoll is simply going to enhance that confidence of yours.

Babydolls enhance other things too. The real bonus here is that babydolls are probably one of the most complementary pieces of sexy lingerie to a woman’s figure. Babydolls naturally enhance your sexy features and soften those areas you may not want to draw attention to. These features have made baby dolls one of the most popular pieces of lingerie among both men and women.

There’s one more bonus babydolls offer to you. Not only will you be feeling ultra sexy in a babydoll, you’ll be extra thrilled at how reasonably priced babydolls are on some online lingerie stores. Baby dolls are relatively simple to make and don’t use huge amounts of materials making them one of the most affordable pieces of lingerie you can buy. Unlike a corset or a bustier with intricate sewing patterns, wires and stays, a babydoll is mostly a simple design made from one or two silky materials.

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James Crest a.k.a. the lingerie aficionado is a specialist reviewer on lingerie and various lingerie products. Visit his site: [] for the top, safe and discreet lingerie stores and garments online.

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