The Hottest Bedroom Styles Start With a Corset

A corset is a piece of lingerie that is appealing because it is a combination of girly and full blown woman. Any member of the female persuasion is going to be tempted to buy this particular piece of intimate clothing. Women in the know fully understand they never quite lose their girlish spontaneity. The younger woman has her moments of wanting to look a little more sophisticated.

The Trina Corset by Allure for example is eye catching without being over the top. The style and cut is womanly, but the color is a very pretty shade of blue with alternating black strips. The strips are not straight up and down. They have been shaped to mould the female figure. This is the perfect corset to emphasize your curves. If you need a little assistance with this (and who doesn’t) you will find the cut will give you curves.

A corset will normally be undone in the front as well as the back. Your front view will be sweet, sexy and girly with eyelets running from the low cut bust to the edge of the corset. However, when you turn around, what a surprise. Your corset is tightly laced down your back. This speaks of a much more grown up and mature side to your nature. The corset takes the whole woman into account.

There can be no doubt that once you are fitted into your figure hugging corset you will look fabulous and sexy. To complete the picture, you also get a plain black g-string with many corsets. The g-string is plain so as not to take away from the full-on sexiness of the rest of the outfit or yourself. The g-string peeks out from under the edging of the corset. This is guaranteed to get your man’s attention without even trying.

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to wear suspenders? Not likely. Some corsets you also get a pair of black suspenders. You can choose to attach them to your corset or simply not wear them until next time. The whole lingerie ensemble is black with gorgeous blue smooth as satin pieces.

If you are a husband or boyfriend wanting his lady to wear a sexy lingerie outfit a corset is a perfect choice. It will make the perfect intimate gift. You can be assured your lady will feel sexy and cherished. You can’t go wrong if the most feminine of women are choosing to add this particular corset and accessories to their secret wardrobe.

There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t want to be appealing to her man. What’s more important is she wants to feel sexy. Wearing an outfit that shows and even improves her sexuality is a confidence booster. The lingerie section of a woman’s wardrobe is as important as any other. Women have known for generations that a corset does wonders for their looks and their intimate life. The corset is a quick way to get any woman’s love life on track. Looking fabulous in a corset, g-string and suspenders is every woman’s right. Go on, assert yourself.

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