Style of Corsets

Corsets has been in the fashion industry on and off since 18th century. Here allow me introduce you the most popular corsets styles in early 18th through 19th centuries.

Bondage (BDSM) – This is usually a full-figured corset. It is very long, rigid, and restricting; constructed to place severe limitations on the wearer’s movements. It generally extends to just above the knees, and is constructed to be laced-back very tightly.

This type of corset is often designed to be worn for long period of time, including overnight and while sleeping. If they are not designed as such, they can be extremely uncomfortable if fallen asleep in.

Hourglass – The 19th century’s people tend to create a luxurious dreamy appearance style; the most could not neglect was the corsets. At that time slender waist namely as beautiful woman’s standard, women must wear their corsets to shape up feminine curve which covered by custom design formal clothes on the outside. In order to achieve the extreme curve feminine shape; hourglass corset was the leading style. However, it leaded to many negative health issues, including difficulty breathing problems with digestion, and permanent organ deformity.

Redresseur (aka training or shoulder corset) – This style is now a historical corset; founded use from around early 18th century to early 19th century for ages at 12-18 years old. The purpose was to mold the torso as the four floating ribs will change permanently for a fashionable shape.

Waist Cincher (aka Waspie) – It is a belt for a wearer to wear around the waist to create the illusion of smaller or slender waist shape.

Nowadays, the above corsets have evolved into brand new series to fit current fashion flow. We would still like to recommend you wear a corset to train your waist line into a nature curve is much healthier than the abnormal curve line which some corsets are purposely made into.

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