Sexy Thongs – Lingerie Buying Tips For Fun Nights

Lingerie is one of the greatest visual sexual stimulants ever created. Sexy thongs, outfits, corsets and other items of lingerie make for a great “starter” before the “main course.”

However, you do need to get it right. First you need to take into account your body shape, some items will work great on your body profile, others will not. Be careful not to simply look at the model demonstrating the outfit in the sales advertisement and assume the same items will look just as good on you. If the model’s body shape doesn’t look similar to your own shape, then consider if this item will really fit you well or look good on you.

Size in fact is another thing, check the sizing range of the item to ensure your own body parts will comfortably fit inside that range. Last thing you need is to buy something that does not fit, or is hanging loosely off you. That would not be sexually appealing, but it would be a huge turnoff. Worse still, if you get it wrong, you’re stuck with it, as it is unlikely you will be able to return the item for hygienic reasons.

Also consider the material, truly sexy thongs are made from quality materials to enhance the visual effect. Unless you’re wearing it more for a laugh than to sexually stimulate your other half, ensure you are buying quality materials, not cheap imitations.

Lastly, consider the color. Yes, again don’t just look at the model and assume what looks good on the model will look good on you. What colors do you like? What colors make you feel happy? To turn your other half on, you must feel good in what you’re wearing, not hope you look as good as the model did in the advertisement.

Sexy thongs will only be sexually stimulating if you get the basics right. Make your kinky nights fun, pleasurable and unforgettable.

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