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Many men love to have their women wear something special for an evening of romance and love. What many men do not realize though is that most women get a little jittery about showing a less than perfect body off in something a little scanty. Perhaps she has had several children, is past her best years – in her opinion of course – and she has some wobbly bits where there used to be some firm and plump skin. All this added together makes a woman feel less than adorable.

Here then is where the problem begins. Women and men tend to think in different circles. Women will see all their own faults, whereas a man will see what he wants to see. He will not take note of that extra line on the face, or the extra few pounds added to a body that he has loved for perhaps several years, all he will see is his woman and how she has tried to dress specifically for him on this occasion. So what does the caring and sensitive man do to allay all these negative feelings that the woman has about her own body? The easiest thing in the world to do is to compliment her – perhaps daily – on what a great job she is doing with the kids, house or at her own employment. Tell her how he loves the curve of her neck or the way her legs look in shorter skirts etc. In other words, build her confidence to such a level that she starts to respond to the positive feedback from the man she has chosen to spend her life with.

In the media these days there is far too much emphasis on stick thin and very young women being the epitome of beauty. Some actually look a little sick and will literally go to extremes to keep those bones protruding. However, there are few men who would love to have a wife who looks like she is starving herself to death. In some countries, being overweight is a sign of beauty and of affluence. Men would love to be seen with someone with many pounds added to the derriere as it shows that they are great providers. They also have a penchant for smaller breasts and larger buttocks than other countries as this denotes health and sexiness. These countries cannot understand the fashion for the skinny women and will utter words of dismay when they seem them parade on the catwalk.

So for the ‘normal’ woman who wants to join in the fun with the husband or significant other, sexy lingerie is a must to bring out the romance. Even those extra large women are now so confident that they will wear some very daring outfits to entice the man in their lives – and why not? Perhaps ladies who feel that they want to hide certain parts of their bodies should peruse some interesting websites where literally anything goes when it comes to sexy lingerie. Here they can see models wearing the articles and get some idea of what may suit them. They can see which pieces of sexy lingerie will disguise or lessen their curves and choose accordingly.

Men too have taken to bringing home some sexy little numbers for their wives to wear. In days gone by they would have to go to lingerie departments and face the embarrassment of talking to sales staff to choose something skimpy for their wives. With the advent of the internet, all this has changed and most underwear can be bought discreetly online. Once the floodgates have been opened, many women tend to take up the challenge with renewed vigor. That little wilting wall flower now becomes a confident and proud woman who knows what she wants. Confidence is so sexy to some, men included, and it takes away all the inhibitions that may have existed before. If this happens then the marriage must go from strength to strength for obvious reasons.

So what does this new ‘vixen’ buy for herself that will titillate her man and help them to have a more intimate private life? Well, the choice is virtually endless. Many women will start by getting some flimsy, flirty and feminine pink outfits that are not too saucy. However, these ‘pretty in pink’ outfits may well be delegated to the back of the wardrobe once she has gained in confidence. Of course, the ubiquitous stockings and suspenders outfit will never go out of fashion. However, sometimes the woman can ring the changes by changing form black to some other luscious color that is available. Corsets are also another way to liven up the look and many come in lace or even leather.

For the truly exotic look, bras and thongs or g-strings come in sparkly rhinestones to really brighten up the night. In candle light, these must look exceptional and worn under some less revealing lingerie will add a surprise when it comes time to disrobe. Floor length negligee sets are a firm favorite for most women since they cover a multitude of sins. But the choice of styles and colors are overwhelming. Satin or shiny materials are perhaps the favorite but the colors come in everything from black to white and all the colors in between. Backless or those with tiny straps lay bear a well toned back and is an open invitation to the man to touch. Some negligees have front or side splits that reach up to the waist. These give a tantalizing glimpse of leg every time the woman moves and really sets the scene for romantic play.

Whatever the outfit, it is clear that sexy lingerie [] plays and important role in the art of undressing. These outfits, coupled with some well chosen words from the man concerned, will add a sparkle to anyone’s love life and will perhaps ensure that the marriage or relationship stays as fresh as it was in the beginning. Surely this must be what everyone would desire?

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