Plus Size Lingerie – How to Pick the Best Plus Size Lingerie

Sexiness shouldn’t be limited to the typical concept of what is sexy. A vital statistic of 36-24-36 shouldn’t be the benchmark that dictates what’s hot or not. We are women of all shapes and sizes and should be confident with our bodies, regardless of size, because sexiness is just a state of mind. In a world in which stick-thin models dominate catwalks and glossies, many of us full-figured women lose hope about finding the perfect plus size lingerie that we can feel comfortable in.

It’s great that there is now a variety of companies that cater to the curvaceous woman. It’s just a matter of finding the right resources in order to empower yourself. Here are a few helpful tips on finding the best plus size lingerie designs:

Fit Comes First

When choosing lingerie, selecting ones with the most flattering fit is a must. Since women with curves in all the right places need more support as compared to the typical gal, it is crucial to find lingerie that gives ample support. For instance, plus size women are usually top heavy. To maximize this asset, a bra with underwire is needed to accentuate curves. It also gives the breasts the needed lift. For bottoms, make sure that the material is durable enough to support. Also do away with girdles that are too tight, as this can create the dreaded “muffin top.”

Comfort is Key

While lace is very sexy, make sure to choose plus size lingerie that doesn’t irritate your skin. Choose ones that are made of lacy fabrics that don’t cause you to itch. Keep in mind that when you’re not comfortable with the lingerie you’re wearing, you can’t feel sexy. You will always be preoccupied with dealing with the skin irritations.

Show Your True Colors.

While there are colors to avoid, it’s always best to choose lingerie that fits your mood. If you’re in sex-kitten mode, go for light colors such as white, light pink, or lilac. If you feel like a sophisticated vamp, bronze and black will work wonders. If you feel like you’re ablaze, deep red or bright red—depending on your skin tone— are the best colors to consider. As a rule of thumb, it’s alright to wear plus size lingerie of any color, provided that the fit, style, and cut flatter your figure.

Be a Drama Queen.

Wearing lingerie doesn’t mean that you’re obliged to show too much skin. Create drama and suspense by using lingerie that conceals rather than reveals. Dress type or baby doll lingerie is a fantastic way to channel subtle sexiness. It gives off an aura of playfulness and innocence that makes it much more appealing.

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