“New” Bra on the Market

The other day Google put a link at our shop email for a “new” kind of bra. Naturally we had a look. Very unimpressive is the kindest way we can tell you what we think of it.

Their webpage IS good, I will say that. There’s a video there that’s been professionally produced, so I’m sure they’re making sales. BUT–the only reason this bra would be selling is because the vast majority of women simply don’t know what they need to know to get the right size bra.

A “new” style of bra is not necessary. All that’s needed is for women to know what bra size they should be wearing.

The very first thing we noticed about this new bra is that it’s NOT available in the sizes that most women need. It only comes in a D to a DDD. MOST of our customers are wearing cup sizes larger than that. And it only starts with a band size of 38. Probably at least half of our customers are wearing band sizes smaller than 38.

The second thing we noticed is the “beginner’s” approach to solving the back fat problem that you get from wearing the wrong size bra. Because the designer’s of this “new” bra don’t know bras and bra design like they should, what they’ve done is add what could be called a “girdle strap”–a second band in back–to hold in the back fat.

The reason the back fat is there in the first place is because of wearing the wrong size bra, the result of which is that the bra itself has “created” that back fat by squishing the breast tissue out of the breast and sending it to the woman’s back.

There’s only 2 things you can do to solve this problem. First, start wearing the right size bra, and that will keep the problem from getting worse. 2nd, start doing the boob enhancement exercises that I have in my video, and in a month or 2, all of your separated breast tissue will be back where it belongs, in your boobs, NOT in your back.

Any woman who tries to rely on this “new” bra would NEVER be able to wear anything low in the back, would NEVER be able to wear strapless. And any woman CAN WEAR both of those styles, provided she’s wearing the right size bra.

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