Matching Bras to Your Outfit

It goes without saying that not every bra should be worn with every outfit. After all, one would look a bit odd wearing a sports bra with a little black dress. While this is an obvious mistake, the matching of bras and outfits is often a more subtle affair.

The first goal of a bra is to provide support to the breasts. The second goal is to provide this support in a comfortable way. The third goal is more subjective – to mold the breast into a certain shape for a certain activity. For example, a sports bra tends to push the breast up and then hold them firmly against the chest wall to minimize the impact of vigorous exercise. Let’s take a look at other bras you might wear for a specific look.

The staple bra of your wardrobe should be the full coverage bar. Support is paramount with this bra and it should fit your breasts naturally. This is not a bra used to enhance a specific look, but is the basis upon which your bra collection is built.

The balconette bra should also be a staple of any woman’s wardrobe, but it is often overlooked. This bra is perfect for women who are looking for cleavage enhancement that is subtle, but definitive. The balconette bra goes well with low cut tops, but not versions showing a lot of shoulder.

The racerback bra is another overlooked bra. This bra provides a ton of support, but is perfect for sleeveless tops. These seemingly conflicting benefits are achievable because the racerback bra uses a “x” type strap configuration across the back. Instead of the straps rising vertically from the cup area, they angle inwards towards the neck and then cross in the back of the bra. The bra clips closed or is opened in the front between the cups.

An incredibly versatile bra that must be in your collection is the strapless bra. Although called strapless, we are really talking about the version that has clip on straps. You can wear the bra without straps if your evening attire consists of an open shoulder dress. Alternatively, you can add one or both straps at angles as needed to make a bra fit a particular unique outfit.

The sports bra is another bra you need. If you are going to be exercising, make sure you wear it. Vigorous exercise does a number on breasts over time. Breast lifts are expensive and always seem to look a bit odd. Avoid them by protecting your breasts when exercising whether that be at the gym or just going for a hike. As you age, you’ll be happy you did so.

Finally, you need a slinky bra. This bra has no purpose other than to be worn for special intimate occasions. The bra you buy is entirely subjective, but see through, plunging bras and elegant lace bras are a good place to start.

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