Lingerie – A Very Brief History and Explanation


The word lingerie comes from the French word linge, which means “linen” or “laundry.” The word was originally a term for scandalous underwear when it first entered the English nomenclature. The word is typically pronounced with an improper French accent in English. It is difficult to pinpoint when the original idea of these undergarments came about. The earliest record of its existence comes from ancient Egypt. The undergarments were produced from cotton in Egypt originally, later in Eastern Asia, and later in Europe. Egyptian women would wear undergarments, similar to tunics, underneath their clothing. Wearing such undergarments was seen as a symbol of status.

The modern bra is a descendant of the bra developed for women in Crete. These women wore corsets underneath their clothing. In Greece, there are several instances of statues and other works of art that feature women wearing briefs or bikinis. Classic Greek works of literature such as the Odyssey mention instances of women wearing undergarments. Through the middle ages, women’s undergarments remained a symbol of status for noble women. Women wore corsets and chemises under their garments.

Modern lingerie, beginning in the early 20th century, was worn by women to alter their shape, and offer support, and hygiene. By the 1920s, brassieres, or bras, included cup sizes. By the 1960s and 70s, some movements began actively denouncing the undergarments as unnecessary, restrictive, and traditional. Simultaneously, manufactures and retail outlets that glamorized lingerie began opening throughout the western world.

There are a variety of types of lingerie available today. A Brassiere, more commonly known as the bra, is a garment designed to support a woman’s breasts. A basque is a tight fitting coat. A chemise is a one-piece undergarment that has the shape of a straight hanging dress without sleeves. A corset is a bodice that is designed to shape the torso. Hosiery is typically elastic, and they are worn to cover the legs and feet. A slip is worn underneath clothing, and it helps to ensure clothing hangs properly on the body.

Lingerie has had a long and rich history, though its precise origins are not completely known. These undergarments have evolved over time along with current styles and opinions. There are a variety of different varieties of fabrics and designs on the market today, and many feature a host of innovations and new design ideas. There are a variety of options to fit just about any style or need.

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