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Leather lingerie may be an item of clothing you have never considered buying as the two items just don’t seem to go together. Well times have certainly changed and you can buy virtually anything made out of the sexy, durable and exquisitely soft material that you can find in more conventional cotton, rayon, spandex fabric items of intimate apparel. More and more women are discovering that women’s underwear is a fashion statement that allows so much variety and personal touches that exploring different looks is part of the fun of wearing naughty underwear.

Most people equate leather with outerwear like a skirt, jacket, shoes and boots as these items have been available for many years in the marketplace. Many people associate it with motorcycles, high fashion, gloves, bikers, bad guys and girls. These beliefs have been reinforced by Hollywood and the films we watch. Whatever your thoughts concerning it are, most would agree it is not usually considered when one thinks of panties, bras and baby dolls. If you want to buy something most every other woman owns then conventional lingerie is always a good buy for a lot of reasons. But unusual things have a mystique about them and it says something about the person that dares to wear unique and one of a kind items.

If you own a leather jacket it is likely a prized possession due to its cost, wear ability, durability and even its smell. Yes, smell, as animal skins are a natural product it has an odor acquired in processing and I think the smell is unique and pleasant. Sure it is edgy as many would suggest that the biker girls wear it not good girls and this edge is a great selling point. What we wear says something about us and however subtle it may be our choice of sexy underwear is sending a message. Just as many people would agree that granny panties are not very sexy we tend to buy things based upon our perceptions of what it says about you and how you want to be perceived.

So why would a woman wear leather lingerie as lingerie is worn in and around intimate areas and perhaps you have never thought of wearing it instead of cotton, nylon and spandex. No one else does it or so it seems. The truth is leather lingerie is very popular and not just with the two wheel enthusiasts although they do have insight into the qualities of leather that others may not. As an animal skin it is soft, supple and it breathes and if cared for properly can last virtually forever. Leather conveys an earthy, dangerous element and what better for lingerie? This unconventional element is one of its greatest selling points if you want to blaze your own trail and be a fashion leader not a fashion follower.

Leather can be cleaned just like every other garment and thus cleanliness is not a problem but there are a couple of things to remember when working with this material. It will shrink up a bit when wet and it may be necessary to stretch the fabric to return it to its natural condition. It is also important to condition the garment regularly as the natural oils will dry out over time. Conditioning the garment with a good quality cleaner/conditioner will maintain its condition for a longer period of time. A soft cloth, warm water and a little soft soap and you are good to go.

Leather lingerie is not supposed to be exactly like that baby doll, teddy or bra and panty set you think of when you consider buying intimate apparel. It has a fetish look and feel to it as it has evolved from functional outerwear into sensual women’s underwear. It looks and feels substantial yet soft to the touch, dark yet somewhat elegant. Nothing looks and feels quite like leather as it is a natural material made from with the hides of sheep or cows. Cow hide is more durable while sheep skin is softer but tends to not last as long. Favored by the fetish, bondage market it is hugely popular as harnesses, teddies along with bras and matching panties. You will often see it portrayed in the media with those who enjoy bondage, bondage, discipline, sado – masochism and the darker aspects of sensuality and sexual play. It is hard to imagine a dominatrix without her vinyl or leather accessories including stiletto high heels and a whip. This association is embedded in the mystique that surrounds leather products and is truly a standard for the buyer looking for the right look.

Lisa Gonzales writes about her interests in leather lingerie [http://www.flirtylingerie.com/leather.html] and leather clothing [http://www.flirtylingerie.com/lecl.html] as the owner of a lingerie store.

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