How to Have Cleavage

Many companies in the market today have designed creative bras for those who are yearning for cleavage. With this special bra on, ladies can wear low cut tops or tubes to show off their cleavage. Ladies are always proud to show their cleavage as it is their asset. Show them off while you have it. On the other hand, some ladies may feel demoralized just because they are flat as the airport runway while their friends are showing off their voluptuous cleavage at an evening party.

How can we achieve cleavage without going for plastic surgery?

Seam Bra

When choosing a bra, look at the seam in front of the cup. Make sure it is vertical and not horizontal. Horizontal seams will lift a flat chested breast while vertical seam bra can enhance the volume of your breast with good supporting under wire. Some bra companies design a double seam on the front of the cup which is better if you are looking for more volume.

Push-up bras

Push-up bras help in creating a fullness effect when worn showing a cleavage line. Accessories such as gel pad, water bras can be worn and are very natural and comfy.

Padded bras

Padded bras are fantastic especially for ladies who are flat chest; it gives shape and contour instantly and comfortable to wear. Achieve a lift by wearing a cross bra straps.

Extreme Bra

A smart bra has been designed to lift and visually enhance your cleavage for a firmer, sexier, voluptuous looking chest. It also helps to correct your posture, fits all cup size and can be worn with or without your normal bra. It has been tested and can be washed hundreds of times. It is very comfortable, made of high quality material, suitable for all skin types, hyper sensitive fabric and you can be creative with your bra straps as well.

When wearing a bra, adjust the bra straps to a suitable length. Pull the bra straps slightly backward and make sure the back panels are horizontally even. Remember to measure the under bust with a measuring tape to have a better fit.

Here are some exercises you can do to achieve a bigger breast:

o Massage the area around your breasts every night before you turn to bed. This can enhance your breast and make them look fuller and can strengthen the tissues of your breast.

o standing tall make a fist with both your hands and push them together. Arms pulled back so that your elbows are facing directly backwards.

Repeat about 20 times every night.

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