Emily Nursing Bras – Three Times the Value

Today’s mother demands a nursing bra that is both fully functional and fully fashionable. Is that an unreasonable demand? Emily doesn’t think so and created a whole line of maternity lingerie with exactly that in mind.

The Emily Iris nursing bra is a lovely example of how Emily blends style and practicality, while never neglecting comfort and fit. The soft cotton blend of 81% Cotton, 15% Nylon and 4% Elastane creates a supremely, one might even say delicious, feel. Lacking underwire, this nursing bra is as comfortable as it gets.

Yet, fashion and function march together down the aisle here to the perfect marriage. The full cup coverage lends a demure look while plastic clasps make dropping the cups a literal snap. Bandeau styling creates the backdrop for a piece of lingerie that is also a fine fashion item. The pearl and satin embellishment are the ideal accompaniment to the lace trim.

The Lilies and Butterflies model offers a very different look, while continuing that same “fit, function, fashion” trio of ideals, ideally blended. A lovely nature-themed motif lends the outer cup a stylish look that is becoming the norm rather than the exception in nursing bras. The petite velvet ribbon bows enhance that feminine look. You’ll feel like spring in this one.

But here again, Emily never neglects to incorporate those now-familiar practical innovations. They make today’s maternity bras the easy-to-use, hassle-free clothing they have become. Wire-free drop cups make feeding time a literal snap. Fully lined for a gentle feel, today’s mom also gets a supremely comfortable experience.

Since nature themes are so common in women’s fashions, it only seems appropriate that the Emily English Garden nursing bra should get a good long look. Stroll through all of its features and you may just come away refreshed in whole new ways.

The soft cotton sports a satin Nylon finish that gives it a feel as good as it looks and a look that will make you feel great. The print is as lovely as the fit and the practical, easy-to-use drop cups function beautifully. This model also comes in an underwire variation that offers unpadded cups for full support and full comfort. Trimmed in lace, this garden of delights lacks for nothing.

Sometimes even nursing moms want to go wild. The Emily Animal maternity bra provides the perfect ‘skin’. The Zebra motif gives this piece of lingerie a truly African-sized fashion quotient. Finished with gold-tone fittings and embellished with hot pink bows, even new moms will give a little roar when they slip on this model.

When it comes time to return to practical matters, the Animal is still right there with everything they need, though. Drop cups with plastic clasps make one-handed nursing as easy as can be. Made of super soft 81% Cotton, 15% Nylon and 4% Elastane, the comfort level is also African-sized.

Emily nursing bras [http://www.bestnursingbras.co.uk/emily-nursing-bras.php] ensure you never have to surrender fashion to get fit or function. That’s a triple treat in nursing bras [http://www.bestnursingbras.co.uk] that every nursing mother will love.

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