MOQ: The Scale for Startup Success in the Private Label Teeth Whitening Industry


“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand.

The words of the legendary graphic designer manifest the importance of design and brand for a business. When you think of your favorite brands,Guest Posting what is it that makes them memorable? Often, we are attracted to a brand’s personality in terms of logo, tagline, messaging, and packaging. The same is true when you are trying to establish your brand in the teeth whitening industry.

Teeth whitening is a lucrative business, and there are many players in the industry. If you want to grab the market share, you have to attract the mind share of customers. And, to do so, you need a reliable brand for your products.

Opting for private label teeth whitening products is a great way to enter the industry. Without investing in a manufacturing facility, you get to enjoy an easy entry into the world of teeth whitening. If you opt for custom branding, you need familiarity with MOQs.

MOQs: The Buzzword for Teeth Whitening Business

When you search for teeth whitening products manufacturers, you will find hundreds of vendors who claim to offer you private label solutions. Before you decide, consider the factor: MOQ.

Minimum Order Quantities is a standard practice in the teeth whitening industry. It is the minimum amount that a manufacturer is willing to produce at one time. Due to pre-decided MOQ, manufacturers feel assured of your commitment and vice-versa. It also ensures cost-effective production for the manufacturer and helps you to avoid out-of-stock situations.

How to get Low MOQs as a Teeth Whitening Startup?

Although MOQs vary from one manufacturer to another, it is essential to strategize your actions for success. Here is how you can get low MOQs that benefit your startup.

1. A Manufacturer or a Wholesaler: The Big Question

When choosing a vendor for private label teeth whitening products, you will come across several manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. A manufacturer produces the teeth whitening kits in his/her factory. Choosing a manufacturer will help you to eliminate intermediaries. Thus, it will ensure lower prices as well as the ability to customize product ingredients and packaging. However, a manufacturer may have a higher MOQ.

On the other hand, you can choose a wholesaler who does not invest in machinery and tools. Instead, they act as a link between you and the manufacturer. A wholesale supplier may be associated with several manufacturers, and they may offer several product options. They can also deliver lower MOQs, but you may have little say in terms of customization. Also, you will find escalating cost an issue when working with a supplier.

Nowadays, there is also a third option available for new startups in the teeth whitening industry. Modern-day teeth whitening manufacturers, such as WSD Labs USA, deliver custom-branded teeth whitening kits and other effective whitening solutions at low MOQs to suit your requirements. They may even help you with inventory solutions and order fulfillment options to take your startup to the next level.

2. Ascertain the Product Validity with Samples and Trials

If you are trying to establish your brand and bring in more customers, it is essential to get the first impression right. If the efficacy of your products is questionable, you will not get repeat orders. So, instead of devoting your time to low MOQs, ascertain the validity of claims made by different manufacturers. Test the product and packaging, conduct customer trials, and determine what manufacturer suits your brand the most.

You can seek product samples from different vendors to find out the best option. Many manufacturers offer free samples to help you understand their products better. If you want to customize the sample order, you can pay a token amount or delivery charges. It will make your commitment to the manufacturer apparent, and they will be more than happy to accommodate your customization request.

3. Choose Products with Limited Variants

Start small. Choose a limited product and select only a few variants to avoid the stress of excess inventory. Instead of choosing whitening gel syringes, pens, kits, LED devices, and several other teeth whitening products, focus on limited products and offer only the popular variants in the beginning.

For example, if you want to sell teeth whitening gel syringes, you will have many options. You can choose from gels (hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, hybrid peroxide, and peroxide-free) and syringes (2ml, 3ml, and 5 ml). Choose ones that proved to be attractive for your test market and look promising.

Additionally, you can negotiate a lower MOQ by offering a slightly higher price for reduced MOQs or limiting product customization.

How to find the Optimum MOQ for your Business?

In the beginning, you may adhere to the MOQ standard set forth by the manufacturer. Once you understand the demand for your products, focus on the optimum MOQ value for your startup. You can formulate the optimum MOQ number based on product type, market competition, seasonal demand, and inventory status.

Estimate the number of products that you will sell in the coming quarter and determine the inventory you have on your hand. It will help you with the next purchase order. Eliminate slow-moving products. Make sure that your estimated sales number is close to the MOQ to avoid huge inventory costs. Review your sales forecast weekly and adjust the seasonal fluctuations.

If you are troubled by the high inventory costs, discuss Just-In-Time production and direct-to-customer order fulfillment options. Always remember to focus on a long-term business relationship with the manufacturer. There is no harm in negotiating and putting forth your views on the MOQ. But, in the end, your goal should not be lower MOQ but higher profits.

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