Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion: Why it’s a Must Have


There’s nothing like the bronze glow of a great tan. It shouts health,Guest Posting beauty, and a general sense of sexy confidence. In just minutes, an escape in the tanning bed leaves visitors feeling recharged and rejuvenated. However, when spending the time and money to take that escape, people demand the best results out of every single moment they’re under the lights. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to leverage the multiple benefits packed into the best indoor tanning lotions available on the market today. Here’s why.

Amp up your bronzy glow

Where sunscreen filters out the sun’s rays and protects the skin, the most advanced indoor tanning lotions aid the skin to tan more quickly and with better results. When people crave that deep and dark skin-tone that highlights the body’s best assets and camouflages any imperfections, tanning lotions are the secret to bringing on the best bronze. With skin hydrating dark triple bronzers and quad tyrosine blends, today’s cutting edge tanning lotions accelerate a great tan in less time. These products also deliver noticeable results that leave people wondering if they’re the result of a much-needed vacation, or if that glow just comes naturally.

Moisture is major

The best tanning lotions on the market today are packed with moisture-enhancing ingredients that luxuriously drench the skin and seal in the necessary hydration to hold that dewy glow people are always lusting after. Replacing dry, dull, and unhealthy-appearing skin is all about achieving smooth, soft, glowing skin by adding and sealing in as much moisture as possible with a quality indoor tanning lotion that enhances the skin’s beauty as much as it protects it. With melanin stimulating ingredients such as coconut oil, coconut milk, and cocoa butter, these lotions go the distance in creating the gorgeous bronze that attracts attention.

Make tanning a complete experience

While the intense light produced by the tanning bed’s bulbs can make tanners feel like they’re lying on a remote beach, they can also verge on the uncomfortable side of hotness. The best indoor tanning lotions on the market contain ingredients that impart energizing tingling and cooling sensations. At the same time these products provide a sense of relief as they’re accelerating and amplifying the tanning bed’s results to get tanners the bronzy glow they crave more quickly and with deeper, darker results. If that’s not enough, natural scents including coconut and acai berry, transport tanners to the tropics, even if it is just for a few minutes’ escape.

Bring on healthy skin nourishment

Many tanners are concerned with maintaining the youthful appearance of their skin. Fortunately, there are indoor tanning lotions that are packed with the most advanced and effective nutritional ingredients that effect major change upon the skin while they reduce the effects of aging. In fact, the best indoor tanning lotions contain skin-firming vitamins, complexes, and extracts such as cocoa and shea butters.

Protection is prudent

While the confidence and amazing feeling of laying, eyes closed, under the tanning lights is a great escape, burns and uneven tanning, or tan lines are not so much. Indoor tanning is all about looking and feeling one’s best, but burnt and peeling skin defeats all of these positive results. The best indoor tanning lotions contain ingredients such as antioxidant rich argan, walnut and macadamia nut oils to prevent the signs of an unnatural tanning session so when people admire tanned skin, they’re left to wonder if it’s natural or not.

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