Why Are Some Pearls Pink?


Pink pearls are a popular choice in women’s jewelry. They make for soft, pretty pieces that highlight a woman’s femininity. But why are some pearls pink and where do they come from?

All real pearls are a natural product of living molluscs. Pearls occur in the wild when a piece of dirt is trapped in the shell of an oyster. The oyster coats the dirt with a special liquid that it also uses to coat the inside of its shell, better known as mother-of-pearl. The oyster will keep coating the piece of dirt with this liquid and overtime, as it hardens and grows, this becomes a pearl.

This is a very slow process and does not happen very often in nature. As a result, pearls are now farmed. A seed is put into each oyster by hand and the oyster is encouraged to grow it into a pearl as quickly as possible. It will still take at a least a year to grow even a small gem. Pearls grow just as well in certain types of mussels in freshwater and these too are successfully farmed.

Pink pearls occur naturally in both oysters and mussels and today they are farmed in both. Freshwater mussels are particularly successful in growing pink pearls. The quality and color of the pearl will depend both on what it grows in and the surrounding water conditions. As a result, pink pearls come in a range of different sizes and shades of pink.

Because the success rate for growing pearls on farms is quite high, they have become much more affordable in recent years. What was once a jewel that could only be owned by the richest women in the world is now available to all. All women should have some pearl jewelry as it is a very versatile accessory. And all women should own some pink pearls.

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