What Are Dive Watches And What To Look Out For When Buying One?

Diver watches are timepieces that have an unidirectional bezel that provides divers with an alternative source of elapsed time for their current dive. In other words, it can go deep underwater, is waterproof (obviously!), and has an easy-to-read dial. All of this allows the diver to work out how much time they have left to complete their dive.

However, diver watches aren’t only bought and used by divers. Many collector’s buy dive watches because they are like the F1 of the watch world. You may never get in the car to race it around the track, but just knowing that you can is more than enough. And like all top end products, when you go shopping for a diver watch, you should focus your efforts on finding a good quality one – and what better than a Swiss made timepiece?

How to buy?

But what should you look for when buying a diver watch? Perhaps the prime aspect you should consider is whether the watch comes with a unidirectional elapsed timing bezel or not. It is vital that divers know how long they have been submerged in the water. An elapsed timing bezel is lined up with the minute hand on your watch prior to entry, thus letting you know how much time you have been under the water. If your dive watch doesn’t have a unidirectional bezel and only has a bi-directional one, then you could be in trouble!

A simple knock can dislodge the bezel and could cause you to overstay your bottom time beyond no-decompression limits, which, needless to say, is extremely dangerous. You should also look for a dial which has a clear face, so that it is easy to read at a glance. Luminous dials are a great asset to night divers, and matt finishes on a watch are highly desirable (shiny watches may glint and attract aggressive fish!).

It is important that you take your time when choosing a dive watch. There are many features and functions that you will need to consider and you should always factor durability, accuracy, and strength into the equation.

Even if you aren’t a diver, and are only buying a dive watch as a lucrative addition to your collection, quality, functionality, and purpose should still be considered. After all, should you ever decide to go diving, you won’t need to travel all the way to the shops to buy one that works. For a list our recommended swiss-made diver watches, be sure to visit Swiss-Watches-Guide.com.

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