Vintage Jewelry Components

The jewelry elements that you use such as beads and pendants do not always have to be new. Occasionally that vintage feel makes your jewelry much more enticing. Don’t be afraid to venture into non-traditional sources when it comes to these.

Garage sales are some sources that you can check out. It is not weird for folks to sell pieces of their broken jewelry and chances are that you could buy them for inexpensive. Use your brains to mix and match the pieces that you bought or you could even use them along with other things that you already have in your component collection.

The things that you find in garage sales will most frequently be old ones so you might even find an antique bead or pendant which will just need a bit of cleaning to bring back its old beautiful shine. Infrequently houses would have collective garage sales and this is an excellent chance for you to scout more potential finds.

You could possibly find old costume jewelry from your garage sale visit. While these by themselves might not be as good as what you am considering, you can still mix them up with some fine quality beads to give it that special look. Plastic beads, for instance, look really good with silver bracelets. Experiment on mixing and you’ll have a more flexible collection.

Beads and pendants are not the only parts that you can find from old jewellery. It’s more than likely that you will find clasps from damaged accessories and you can reuse these for your new creations. Just ensure that they’re still working. You may also work with old strings and old earring fittings.

Garage sales are not the only potential source of jewelry parts. You may even find some in your own house. If you’re like me, you would have bits of old jewelry scattered around waiting for you to fix them one day. Well they do not need to wait for that day anymore ; you can just reuse them to make new ones. There’s a reason you were holding on to those pieces in the first place ; it might be that beautiful pendant or those unique beads. You might even ask your mom or even your gramps if they have some old jewelry scattered around.

So don’t overlook the prospects of old jewelry. It is often fun to mix the old with the new and see what you can produce out of them.

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