Titanium Rings – Wearer’s Guidelines


A lot of people are now aware of the existence and beauty of titanium rings. These rings are commonly used for the wedding, engagement, graduation and sometimes, they are used as friendship bands among the peer group. These titanium rings are the best alternatives for other expensive metals like gold and silver.

The selection of titanium rings is not that difficult. There are just few things to consider for the best choice with the sense of satisfaction. Actually, titanium is lighter than a platinum and more durable than a gold. These titanium rings will never react even with the sensitive human skin. This hypoallergenic property is also its advantage over the other kinds of metal. These bands are also none reactant with some corrosive substances. It means that they could be worn everyday in any working time and it would last for a long period of time.

Because the shopping of titanium rings is simple, here are some of the consideration for you to observe:

1.The Choice Of Finishes

There are four major finishes available for these titanium bands. You might consider the polished, brushed, matte of the hammered. If you want to have a shiniest ring band, it is a fine choice to have a polished finish. You might also opt for a brushed type if you want a more subdued and appear more like a steel. But, if you want to maintain the original color and, you will consider the matte finish. This kind of finish is also the most durable among the other finishes. Hammered is made of multiple-directional indents on the rings surface. It is also durable next to the one with the matte finish.

2.The Choice Of Profile

We all know that many people are trying to find a ring that is comfortable to wear. And they see this property to titanium ring. With its lightweight property and durability, titanium metal are favored by a lot of engaged couple or even the single individual. There are some profiles available for your titanium ring. Some of these, are the “comfort fit” and the flat profile. When we say a flat profile, the ring is not rounded on the corners that may be the choice of few wearers. On the other hand, the “comfort fit” or the round profile rounds the edges of the rings. Thus, this kind of metal is the best choice among the shoppers.

3.Choice Between Plain And With Inlays

Titanium is known to be one of the most durable metals in the world. It also possess strength that made it an ideal material with some inlays. Many professional and expert ring artisans made lovely titanium rings with gold, silver, diamond and other precious gemstones inlays. These kind of bands seems to be more expensive than a plain titanium ring. But,you have also to consider that those rings with inlays are less resistant to sea water and some corrosive chemicals so proper care must be observed.

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