Tips on Picking Trendy Jewelry 2006

Avoid jewelry disappointment or any frivolous wasting of your hard-earned money. As with trendy clothing styles, there are other things you should think about as you add to your jewelry collection. Skim these helpful tips to keep in mind as you blissfully shop this season for your brand of accessory cool.

Love the water and your jewelry.

If you’re especially active in the summer, hanging out and loving water activities, take heed! We’ve been spying the cool jewelry looks just like you in all the fashion magazines. But, no matter how cool the look, never wear beaded jewelry into the water (this includes showering.) The cording just may warp, no matter how strong it seems. So, be safe and satisfied wearing your beads to lay out only . . . then pop them in your tote when you take a dip. Choose baubles manufactured from wood, nylon, leather. Silicones and plastics of course are waterproof. If you are a sucker for colorful gemstone-look jewels, keep in mind that often they have been dyed. Translation: may leave color on your skin under certain conditions (summery, wet and hot). Use your best judgment!

Be kind to your skin.

Love copper, but want to avoid seeing green? And we don’t mean your hair silly (although green is a lovely shade for blondes every summer.) Keep the green at bay. Tip #1: only wear your copper on non-sweaty days. Why? The green you see is a result of your perspiration salt and the copper. Tip #2: break out the clear nail polish and paint a coat on the inside of your favorite copper pieces.

Bought some nickel? Most of us have. It’s always been easier to follow jewelry trends with versions of what’s hot that have less impact on the pocket book. Whether or not you’ve realized it, many of your sterling look-alike pieces are actually laden with nickel. Why should you care? Well, it’s pretty simple, summer + sun + sweat = nickel breakdown + skin reactions. Make the choice that is best for you depending on your sensitivity and your budget. While some folks prefer a wide variety of selections, others may opt for one or two higher priced, quality pieces for the season. After you make your decision(s), take a look too at some of our budget friendly new cool t-shirt designs.

It’s never too soon to begin protecting our skin. The same goes for your summer jewels. For true summer-wear conditions, your best choices should be natural or leather jewelry that will withstand the elements of nature (especially the sun). If you fail to protect your skin, the results are devastating as the years pass. The sun also will eventually bleach out your plastics and even some gems. Your beads will dry out and have a greater potential for breakage.

Travel in comfort.

Unfortunately, what mom said is the truth. Keep it simple, stupid! Pack your vintage t-shirts and summer gear! And remember, don’t wear or take your most expensive investments on vacation, especially through the airport. We know this advice flies in the face of those who like wear their bling to impress others. But keep in mind that you may avoid encountering unwanted hassles if you choose the right baubles to pick up and go. Most security checks at the airport will not make you take off large metal jewelry and watch items while you pass along through. A general rule: when your stuff leaves your person, there is always a greater chance for theft.

Helpful hints for keeping comfy on that well deserved summer vacation? Choose smaller, cooler, softer and lighter jewelry options for hot climates. Items made from the classic summer shells, leathers, hemps and cottons. Leave the heavy pendants, metal jewelry and super-chunky beads at home in the jewelry box. And remember to shop for some unique t-shirts at along the way too!

Hope you find these pointers helpful as you enjoy your jewelry shopping and wearing during these upcoming summer months! While you’re having the time of your life, don’t forget us, here at Keep us as your resource for funny, vintage, hilarious, cool, trendy and hip t-shirts!

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