Tanzanite Jewelry – Hot Favorite For December Borns

It’s fascinating how we relate ourselves to things and impart meaning and essence to ones that appeal us. Same goes with gemstones. They don’t serve any of our basic requirements as human beings but they are still highly valued. Their beauty is not the sole factor that makes us inquisitive but it’s the history that we share in common. The better known four Cs'(color, clarity, carat and cut) along with all the beliefs related to gemstones must have been no more than crude facts that drew our attention towards this cryptic substance. One such factor is our belief of birthstones.

These minerals from earth’s core are believed to have their own source of energy. This scientifically proven source of energy is said to work in our favor when used as birthstone.

Birthstones depend upon month of birth. Tanzanite, out of many, is the birth stone for December borns. Despite lacking a rich history like that of topaz this fresh new stone has become remarkably popular in no time. Its beautiful color and striking luster makes it the hot favorite for December borns. The fact that tanzanite is extremely rare confined to the mines of Tanzania, also adds up to its demand. According to Massai folklore Tanzanite is result of a grass fire that turned Zoisite into blue. But realistically, heat from grass fire is not enough to support such a transformation.

Tanzanite is one of those gems that not only boast impressing color but are equally vibrant and fired. It also displays a brilliant color play being highly pleochroic in nature. This effect is even more mesmerizing in bigger pieces. In daylight it sparkles in irritable blues and violets while under candle light its prominent color is purple. It often blends all shades of blue to give a rainbow like effect.

Coming down to its importance as a gemstone, being a birth stone for December borns it is linked to Sagittarians and Capricorns. Tanzanite is believed to exude self confidence rendering sophistication and class to wearer’s personality. As a birthstone it is believed to help in shaping individuality.

Treatment is a common practice for enhancing color and resistance of the stone so one should not be doubtful of its charm and effect on knowing about treatment. The placid shades of blue and spark of the gem is exhibited better when ornamented with platinum or white gold. On one hand they compliment blue and on the other they enhance the gem’s glow.

To sum it all up if you have been envying September borns for possessing vibrant sapphire as their birth stone here is something for you to match their sapphire blue.

Tanzanite EarringsLoose Tanzanite

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