Sterling Silver Jewelry For Beauty and Long Lasting Appeal

Your first piece of sterling silver jewelry might have been a small charm presented as a gift by one of your parents many years ago. What a treasure that would have been, carefully fastened to your bracelet, or worn upon a chain as a necklace. Perhaps it represented some special event, or never to be forgotten place you once visited. Or even a beloved pet.

Jewelry is symbolic of those things we love the most. It may be represented by an original piece of.925 jewelry, handcrafted by an artist. Perhaps you even met the artist yourself, or commissioned a pendant from him or her. Whatever the significance you attach to your sterling silver accessories, they are items that are probably treasured, and that you plan to pass down to future generations. Many people in this current economy are even opting for silver rings in lieu of gold wedding bands.

Was it always this way? Judging from the number of sterling adornments discovered and now displayed in museums across the globe, I would have to say so. Of course gold will always reign supreme, but there are those who actually prefer silver as their precious metal of choice, and not just because of the difference in cost.

Have you heard the comparison of sterling to the moon, and gold to the sun? I love the poetry of this analogy, and couldn’t agree more. With its unearthly shine, (especially after a good polish) your accessories in this metal will have a look that reflects the moon on a river at night. So perhaps sterling silver is also the most romantic metal!

Once on a tour through the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C., I insisted my husband and I pass through the precious metal and gems section. It was an eye-opener! Gemstones of every type in their natural and surprisingly mathematically cubes, growing upward, majestically and alien. The Hope Diamond was on display in its oversized glory, and polished gems of every type imaginable enticed behind large glass walls. But what really struck me was the display of silver.

Raw, coarse and distinctively not beautiful, this unworked and unfinished metal was not appealing. (Except, of course to someone like me, who is deeply involved in it as my livelihood!)

What did our ancestors see in it? Did someone accidentally rub it, discovering beneath the sulfur-tarnished surface a beauty reminiscent of our nearest planetary body? I love to mentally create brief reenactments of that first meeting of man and metal. And how did it proceed from this point to the melting and reforming of silver into usable articles and eventually jewelry?

If you ask me, that person had to be an artist. Who else could envision the transformation of blackened metal into a gleaming cup, a carefully carved piece of silverware or a piece of jewelry? Of course the early efforts could not have been this sophisticated; perhaps our beginning artisan crafted beads to be strung or attempted to make a weapon before discovering that silver was too soft for this use.

To this forgotten artist of the past – I salute you!

Handcrafting beautiful sterling silver jewelry has been the joy and delight of artist Merry Rosenfield for many years. Discover for yourself how wearing handmade jewelry can enhance your life and raise your spirits!

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