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Silpada bracelets are handcrafted and designed by no less than eight artisans working to design each piece. They work with sterling silver and beads, bangles and several kinds of gem stones and sometimes rich earth tone rose woods until they design just the right piece of fashionable jewelry for you! Silpada bracelets are designed with You, the modern day woman in mind. With a large variety of styles to choose from, Silpada Bracelets are fashionable, trendy, affordable and will match your personality along with any outfit you choose.

Designer name brand, affordable and classy, these awesome bracelets will make a nice gift for yourself or for a friend! How about a beautiful cuff style bracelet that fits snug to your wrist, or a hand made ornamental hammered silver bracelet? If color is more your style, Silpada has a wide variety of colorful gemstone bracelets to choose from. That special occasion is just waiting for the right touch, and Silpada bracelets will highlight and accent any outfit at just the right time.

From freshwater pearls to exotic green mother of pearl, to smoky quartz and garnet gems, you’ll find the exact piece of fine handcrafted jewelry you’re looking for. No where else will you get a name brand and handcrafted piece of jewelry at such affordable prices either! Men, if you’re looking to impress the love of your life, this is a sure fire way to pluck the strings of your woman’s heart with a nice designer bracelet.

Silpada bracelets carry a life time guaranteed and you can find the perfect bracelet for the teen in your life too. Silpada makes special sterling silver bracelets that fit teens smaller wrists and are designed with today’s modern look and fashion trends in mind. These remarkable bracelets hold their value over the years and some get more valuable as time goes by. Some of these nice retired, no longer made handcrafted bracelets are worth more now than they sold for new and many are sought after and considered collector jewelry pieces.

The Silpada jewelry company was started when Silpada Jewelry incorporated two co-founders, both mother’s of three, met in their oldest child’s first grade class and became friends. As room mother volunteers, they discussed several ways to earn extra spending money and after a few failed attempts, they decided to give their sterling silver jewelry idea a try. It wasn’t long before their idea of having home jewelry parties caught on and their Silpada jewelry company was a huge success!

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