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Bracelets are an elegant fashion accessory for both men and women. They are not only for teenagers and young men—classy and valuable gold and silver bracelets are a part of high fashion couture. It is perfect as a gift item—not very large, beautiful and elegant and even easy on one’s pocket. On Valentine’s Day, many couples gift each other love charms and bracelets which have their names or some symbol of love engraved on them.

There are several kinds of bracelets to choose from. These days, truth bracelets have gained a lot of popularity and have been selling like hot cakes on the gift itinerary in shops. You can express your affection for near and dear ones by gifting these beautiful, intricately designed truth charm bracelets.

They are available in a riot of colors, designs and varied patterns, also in semi-precious and precious elements of gold and silver. Select one that matches your look and personality—trendy, chic, traditional or classic and jazz up your look. Also, gift it to special people keeping in mind, their personality and styles.

A recent trend is that of personalized truth charm bracelets that act as great jewelry pieces and makes a person feel special. You can opt to get it customized by having the syllables of your beloved’s name engraved on it—-it’s a sweet way of expressing your love for your special one. You can also choose from gold colorful beads and enameled beaded charm bracelets as gifts.

Ideal for all occasions, be it a birthday, an anniversary or Friendship’s Day, truth charm bracelets are a lovely gift item. All women adore elegant and beautiful charm bracelets. There is also a traditional belief that truth charm bracelets give you an opportunity to express your unique personality and celebrate the affection for the loved ones of your life.

Also, a truth charm bracelet can be worn as a precious and elegant piece of jewelry—remaining a symbol of sweet memories of affection and a cherished gift from someone special. So investing in a silver or gold might be the perfect idea for a Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day gift. You can easily buy it from various online stores after looking through the catalogues of the different designs available.

Collectables is a reputed fashion accessory retail shop which has many flagship stores across UK. Its inception has been in around the year 1989 and since then the store has seen tremendous sales and increase in demand on its sales of jewelry and branded hand bags and gift items. Collectables stocks the largest range of fine jewelry, including intricately crafted and designed charm bracelets and truth charms bracelets. You can get them in various metals, like gold or silver and even in various colorfully enameled pieces like glass beads, drop charms and even exclusive Collectables pieces, that you can gift your loved one. Visit for more information on the various collections available in the store Collectables.

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