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Beautiful designs and intricate elements make Locman watches one of the leading manufacturers. The watches offered by Locman are some of the most stylish, well designed pieces you will find. The company itself continues to offer unique options and it works to diversify each watch so that it offers something unique and amazing to those who are looking for that special gift or that sophisticated look. A look at the history of Locman Group will show you why the company has so much passion about the pieces that it provides.

Locman watches were first founded in 1986. The company was founded by Marco Mantovani and the company was based in Italy. As an Italian watchmaker at this time, it took the company some time to develop its leading line of watches. From the start, it was offered as a wonderful selection for fashionable sophistication for both men and women.

In 1997, the company changed the focus of its business. Prior to this time, the company manufactured watches as a third party, always offering the finest workmanship for third party companies. In 1997, that changed when the company set out to stop production of watches for this need and to begin marketing its own, unique and original models.

At this time and still today, the company’s goals have been set around specific aspects of watch design. The company has developed its own unique niche in the market. To do so, they offer innovative designs in the watches they create. Yet, what makes Locman watches so unique is that they also offer high quality with special attention paid to the craft of finishing these watches with character and class. The company’s goals were to set out to find consumers who were looking for original watches different from anything on the market that were exclusive to this one line. They met the need for this trendy, well designed and high quality watch in each of their lines.

In 1999, the Locman company offered a Sport Line. At this time, the Diamond Aluminum 2000 was also launched as the company’s signature model. This unique model offered a cash aluminum Tonneau format. This piece, perhaps more so than any other offered by Locman helped to deliver the elegance and quality of the name brand to the larger consumer base it had. The company’s branded Locman Italy became well known for its ability to offer true quality with an exclusive style.

The company continues to flourish today. Locman watches are one of the leading manufacturers out of Italy. Headquartered in Tuscany, Locman Spa, the Locman parent company has made a name for itself internationally. The company has offices in New York, Milan and Florence as well.

Locman watches are commonly found in top designer boutiques, as they are some of the leading options available today. Take the time to consider all that this manufacturer can offer, including a history of successfully creating unique pieces that dazzle the world.

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