Jewelry Trends in 2010 – Handmade Beads and Glass


Jewelry store owners know just how appealing having a great line of handmade jewelry is to their clientele. With so many imports and mass produced beads and jewelry out there it is sometimes difficult to find the right jewelry that will speak to the individuality and uniqueness that today’s customers are looking for. Handmade jewelry is a niche’. Whether it is made of carved bone, wood, polymer clay or lampwork glass, having these kinds of lines as part of your offerings to your customers make them feel comfortable that they aren’t just getting something that can be found right around the corner.

Leading the pack of handmade jewelry is lampworked or kiln slumped glass beads. The are beautiful, colorful and always very unique as no two can be exactly the same. Looking very closely into the beads you can almost see worlds of bubbles, swirls and sparkle that make them very appealing. Learning to do this takes some practice but can learned by almost any creative artist.

Lampworking has been popular for years and continues to capture the imagination of store owners and customers all over the world. Trend experts such as myself predict that handblown glass beads are here to stay. The big trend of Eco/Green, Earth friendly jewelry is becoming more and more popular everyday, with glass beads fitting that bill nicely. Customers don’t have to worry that about conflict mining, limited natural resources or finding the exact thing on their friend’s wrist the following week.

And glass beads can be purchased fairly inexpensively considering the unique quality and beautiful designs. Whether you are selling at a physical store, mail order or on the web, lampwork beads will be your best friend when it comes to making sales.

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