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Growing up, you may have seen all those little rituals your elders do. You may also have witnessed a million times how your grandmother would frequently arrange and examine her collection of jewelry affectionately in her antique wooden jewelry box and have been surprised as well to find out how warm and with great deal of caution she did it. One could say that a beautiful wooden jewelry box is a staple in keeping collections of jewelry. But have you ever thought of wood, not the usual gold and silver bracelets and necklaces, being the jewelry contained inside your grandmother’s jewelry box?

Traditional Uses of Wooden Jewelry

Looking back, one can conclude that the use of wood in the manufacturing of jewelry has been a part of this world for as long as there have been humans living on the earth. Wooden jewelry was used for the purpose of cultural, traditional and spiritual ceremonies. According to a few researches, wooden jewelries have been used not only to decorate the human body but to signify certain things as well. For example, for native tribes, they use wooden jewelry to indicate their positions in their tribes. There are a few who make use of wood jewelry as a means of identifying to which community one may belong. Others wear them as a proof of their faith and beliefs, while still others simply believe that it shall bring them good luck and abundance in their necessities to live. And others simply wear them as ornamental addition for further beautification.

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