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Gold has been around for many, many years. And for most people, it does not matter where the gold comes from, the mere fact that it is colored the way it should is enough for them. Fact is, there are various kind of gold; practically one from each country of which it is resourced from such as China, Saudi, Italy, Philippines, Belgium, etc. The determination of the value of each kind of gold varies as well; it is graded as to its density and how finely it has been processed. However, gold products are not found only in its country of origin, these are exported and traded all over the globe.

Among these is the Italian Gold which is very much common with necklaces. Yellow gold has been the flag bearer when it comes to Italian gold jewelry; although some jewelers have opted to turn some in to white gold to help add accent to their fine pieces. Italian gold bears a standard of producing gold graded at 18 karats and above. These are quite a common find to most jewelry stores and they offer a great variety of designs may it only be a single chain or may it bear a more intricate design.

These products may not come cheap, though these make great pieces of investments. Jewelry can be compared to real estate; you can buy them while the prices are still low and keep them for a period of time and be able to sell them at a much higher price.

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