Four Seasons of Fine Jewelry Choices


Nature has its own way of putting our lives into a loop. Bringing in the eternal circle of change, the clock hands continue their endless swirl with the dawn of one season after another, changing everything else in its stride. Here are some seasonal jewelry tips.


Come wintertime and those with a passion and sense for fineness will go for something like a valuable collection of Swarovski crystals and pearl accessories. In fact, jewelry artisans and designers vouch for the sensuous combination of white pearls and swarovski crystals for the winter season, both for weddings as well as for the other days.

Winters being the cozy, cooler months, gemstones such as the blue topaz, aquamarine, sapphire and tanzanite are more in vogue. The basic emphasis is on the look of the jewelry which is heavy-set and gives a dressed up look for the winters.


The warmer, sweaty summer months sees the jewelry trends being taken over by light and symbolic jewelry that keeps up with the glamour quotient, but gives the entire look a more airy and summery feeling. Yellow gold and sterling silver trinkets work well in summers, so do the delicate pieces of silver fashion jewelry.

Besides, in summers, the stress is more on one prominent accessory, keeping the other look minimalist to give an easily dressed up feel. So, if it’s scorching heat, then choose to wear only a pair of hoops or an elegant bracelet to get that made-up look.


As time ticks away, the vibrant fall season sets in, laying out an all new array of options for jewelry lovers. It is that time of the year when the beautiful golds, browns, reds and yellows add just that required hint of vibrancy to your jewelry. The underlying note is that of colored accessories, forming just the right ambience for the fall season.


The season of spring, splendid and bright in its aura, brings in a fresh wave of glamour for those with a passion for jewels. Bright, bold and radiant colors make a statement of their own in the spring season. The bright and bold colors go well while matching the color tone for your jewelry in this season. These, essentially being the radiant floral season, delicate designs with intricately woven details work very well.

Jewelry is as enigmatic as fashion itself for those who know how to relish its deeper realms. Varying your style of ornaments and jewels in accordance with the season not only reflects your own style statement but also gives you a personal sense of wellness and self-admiration to cherish.

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