Different Meaning of Pendant Jewelry


Pendants are a great and traditional way to display your faith. Religious jewelry is most popular in Pendant form. Even Non Christian sometime would wear cross pendant because of the style is nice. Crosses or a Star of David worn for protection and to show your devotion to your faith. Its customary to give a new born child a 14k gold or sterling silver religious pendant. If the baby keeps the pendant until he or she old, the pendant would be considered as vintage jewelry or antique jewelry, and it would be very precious and would have a lot of story in it.

Diamond anniversary pendants have been all the rage. A three stone diamond pendant set in 14kwhite gold is the perfect anniversary gift representing the past, present and future. Also, diamond journey pendants features diamonds graduating in size to symbolized a couples life journey together…as love grows. These come in many diamond carat weights perfect for any anniversary!

Fashion pendants can really set a tone. They can be fun and lively with big colored stones like blue topaz set in sterling silver and amethyst set in gold, of course surrounded by glittery diamonds, or they can be a simple and classic solitaire pendant slide. Fashion pendant could be related to music genre too, for example rappers would wear a big pendant with a lot of flashy stone, they call it bling bling and rockers would wear metal necklace with different type of pendants, but theirs are not flashy.

Pendants are the easiest gift to give because one size fits all. There is no need to know the recipients finger or wrist size. Generally an 18 inch chain will fit just about any woman, and she can easily change the chain if she chooses. The chain is a vital component to a pendant. It can change the style just by shortening or lengthening the chain.

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