Diamond Gem Stone-Why Is It So Popular?

Gem Stone bring about thoughts of beauty, luster, brilliance, exquisite, sparkling, precious and rarity. About 90 out of approximately 2,000 minerals possess the required beauty and durability to be considered gemstones.

To the jeweler and public, the gemstones most important and familiar that incorporate these distinctive and attractive characteristics are diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald – with the diamond, by far, being the most important and popular of the four.

A diamond consists of a single element, it is pure crystallized carbon. It is identically chemical with the materials of graphite in lead pencils and charcoal or carbon deposits that collect in an automobile engine. It can be said that “a diamond is a lump of coal that made good under pressure.”

The name “diamond” is generally conceded to have derived from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means “invincible.”

Remember the famous De Beers ad slogan, “A Diamond is Forever.” Because of hardness, a gem diamond never wears out, nor does it lose its beauty. There is no such thing as a used or secondhand diamond. Unless crushed, stolen or lost, it will last the wear and tear of Centuries with undiminished beauty and brilliance.

A diamond hold unparalleled eminence as a jewel throughout the world because it is the hardest substance known, cannot be scratched by anything but another diamond, and it has a very high refractive index. This enables it to bend rays of light and disperse, in a blazing fire, all the colors of the rainbow to the eyes of the beholder. The slightest movement of a diamond changes the rainbow, providing an infinite variety of color. This is truly the beauty of light and phenomenon of a well cut and clear diamond.

There will never be a gem to match the diamond. The physical and optical properties are as different from other gemstones as to make its beauty totally unique. The diamond is known and esteemed throughout the world, the same as gold.

In spite of inflation, good times and bad, the diamond has never lost its appeal. And it is tradition and a must have item for most women in the western world to receive a diamond engagement and wedding ring when marrying. Valentine, “oh my sweet Valentine,” the time of year that many guys show their love and commitment, not only with candy, hugs and kisses, but with gifts of diamonds as well. This brings to mind another famous ad slogan and movie, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” Indeed, the diamond is the most popular gem stone ever.

Jonathan Powers writes the about gem stone blog. He is a retired gold and silver dealer who bought and sold precious metals, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other gemstones for 25 years. Jonathan now writes and consults about precious metals and gemstones while continuing to invest and add to him and his wife’s personal collection. Check out his site for more information on gemstones, http://aboutgemstone.blogspot.com/

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