Citizen Watches – A Lesson in History

Since their stunning debut in 1924, Citizen watches have held the world captive with products that sing with innovation, and call for excitement. They are synonymous with precision in the field of microelectronics; often copied but never matched. And Citizen watches are known for their uncompromising commitment to meeting the needs of their consumers before that of their own. The name itself is a reminder that they will always remain “Close to the Hearts of People Everywhere,” a clear intention of the founding fathers.

True to their word and consistent with the brand, Citizen watches have introduced many world firsts that have revolutionized timekeeping. The world’s slimmest LCD watch, the world’s first voice recognition watch, and the world’s first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor are among the company’s claims to fame, and have earned Citizen unprecedented recognition across the globe. As such, Citizen has become the world’s largest watchmaker, with over 3,000 employees operating in more than 13 countries.

What does it all add up to?

If past success is any indication, Citizen is poised to be the leading brand of the future. As the world moves toward a more eco-friendly way of life, they contribute to the cause with a movement that never needs a battery. The technology is called “Eco-Drive” and it harnesses the power of light from any light source. Both natural and unnatural light are absorbed through the crystal and dial to give Eco-Drive-equipped Citizen watches enough power to keep time accurately for up to six months. It’s a distinction that helps minimize the company’s carbon footprint and sets them apart from so many brands that are unequipped to meet the demands of an environmentally-conscious world. Yet, even as this technology drives luxury watch connoisseurs toward a brighter tomorrow and do not run short on style.

There are collections that cater to everyone from sports enthusiasts to dinner party dressers, including the ever popular Stiletto line of Citizen watches. Perfect for the fashionista who needs to accessorize his or her ensemble, Stilettos impress with an expression of subtle class. Inevitably leading to a series of compliments, the beauty of Citizen watches brings with it a rich history and an exciting future that is sure to make your response nothing short of remarkable. Other collections include Elektra, Sport, and Silhouette.

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