Beautiful Silver Necklaces

After being the distant relative to gold, silver jewelry is making a comeback in recent years. Its simplicity and the ability to mesh well with different skin tones and colors helped it along. Silver doesn’t make you look washed out the way gold does. It looks good with almost every one – Caucasian, Asian or African American. It looks fresh and clean all the time. It complements people from all walks of life, ages and sex, but it doesn’t matter as this would just look perfect on almost everyone.

Beauty of Silver Necklaces

Silver jewelry comes in a variety of forms, but the most popular use of silver is necklaces. Silver necklaces come in variety of styles and designs, including curb, rope, box, snake, and cable. Some artisan creates silver chains in shapes like figure eight, alternating short and long links and double rope. Silver necklaces provide a very good complement for a pendant, locket or charm bracelet. It can be worn for understated elegance. A favorite is the silver beaded necklace. The beads enhance the necklace, so you would look good even from a distance.

Silver necklaces enhance your outfits by adding chic and color to them. With necklaces, you can also enhance your features and make you appear thinner by wearing a certain style of silver strand. For people with round faces, stay away from short necklaces. A long silver necklace can make you look thinner by drawing the attention to the length of the necklace and not to your rounded features.

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